When customizing any piece of equipment, price is always a significant factor. In fact, many people assume that anything "custom-built" is unaffordable or out of reach. The same goes for when you are customizing a texture spray rig for your drywall contracting business, or so it may seem. At American Spray Technologies, with our selection of texture sprayers, customizing your spray rig is by no means out of reach.


In this blog, we’ll debunk three of the most common myths regarding custom texture sprayers as well as highlight some of the more common modifications you might consider with your next sprayer purchase.


MYTH: Only Big Companies Can Afford Custom Spray Equipment

Truth: Customizing your American Spray Technologies equipment is recommended for companies of all sizes! In fact, you may be surprised that some of the most common features that drywall contractors request are very affordable. Some factors that can affect the cost of your custom spray rig include the tank size, engine and compressor size, upgrades to the pump, and whether you want the rig skid or trailer mounted. Other options, such as switch type (air or electric) and tip sizes do not affect the cost at all.

MYTH: Custom Texture Sprayers Require Intense Modifications and/or Upgrades

Truth: When customizing a spray rig, the power is in your hands. After 50 plus years of manufacturing and a focus on continued improvement, our standard designed spray rigs will provide years of reliable service and performance without the need for upgrades or optional equipment. However, some contractors require some smaller upgrades, such as a longer hose or a different spray gun. And some contractors need more power and a larger spraying capacity so they request a bigger power pack and bigger tank. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you find the right options.  Also, if you need help deciding what tank size is best for you, give us a call and we can run the numbers to help you figure out how many gallons you need.

MYTH: Custom Texture Sprayers Are Difficult To Come By

Truth: When choosing a leading manufacturer that specializes in creating custom spray rigs to meet the needs and requirements of client’s work, such as American Spray Technologies, acquiring the right sprayer for your business is just a few clicks or a phone call away. We have an online quote request system that lets you build your rig so we can put together a quote. It can be found here: Build A Rig.

And as always, we are available by phone at 253-833-4342 or email at info@sprayrig.com.

Now that we have handled some of these common myths associated with custom texture sprayers, let's review some examples of spray rig modifications that may enhance your equipment to meet the unique needs and specifications of your work.

  • Power and Air. Interested in a different size compressor or gas engine for your rig? AST has different configurations to choose from depending on your needs.

  • Hose Length. Standard big rigs are equipped with 125 feet of hose, but if your jobs require a longer hose, it's easy to add more length.

  • Rig Size. The size of your rig will significantly depend on the needs and requirements associated with your business. When customizing your rig with AST, you can choose from 150, 200, 270, and 350 gallon tanks. Electric units are also available in a 100 gallon size. We also offer a 16 gallon portable unit.

Building a custom rig can be one of the best investment decisions for your business. If you are interested in customizing a texture sprayer for your business, you can begin building your rig now! For assistance or more information, contact our sales staff.