When it comes to your texture spraying applications, reliable and efficient texture spray equipment is essential for a quality finish. For drywall contractors, choosing the right texture spray machine can be challenging, especially with so many options available on the market. Of course, the materials drywall contractors spray as well as the surfaces that are being sprayed have a significant influence as to which is the best texture sprayer for their applications and work. 

At American Spray Technologies, we know just how important it is for drywall contractors to have a reliable, durable, and powerful texture spray rigs. That is why we put our efforts into manufacturing high-quality spray texture machines for a variety of applications. 

Common Texture Spray Rig Issues Conquered By AST Spray Rigs

If you are looking for a new texture spray rig, getting one from American Spray Technologies is the clear choice. Designed to last and provide years of profitable use, our hydraulic controlled spray rigs not only outlast other competing texture machines, but they outperform them as well. AST texture spray machines require little maintenance and are easy to use, and best of all, they don’t experience these common issues:

Issues With Big Rig Texture Sprayers

Big rigs, such as texture machine trailers or truck mounted spray rigs offer the power that professional contractors need for larger jobs. These types of texture spray rigs allow users to quickly finish jobs and they provide more than enough tank capacity for even large drywall spray jobs. However, larger rigs have historically had reliability issues, which affect the quality of work and the amount of time needed to complete the job. Because of the issues these larger spray rigs are known to have, contractors have had to over-prepare for maintenance and breakdowns. For example, many contractors will choose a texture spray machine with two pumps on it, that way when one of them breaks down they will have another one ready to go. 

With big rigs from American Spray Technologies, the overpreparation for maintenance and breakdowns is unnecessary. A single AST pump will provide years of reliable performance, and more and more contractors are beginning to realize that spray rigs with a second pump are unnecessary. 

Issues With Portable Texture Sprayers

Small, portable texture sprayers have substantially less power than larger rigs, but are essential for jobs that require maneuvering through tighter spaces. Because these portable sprayers have less power and spray slower, many contractors find it difficult to spray finer textures. Not to mention, a majority of the portable texture spray rigs on the market tend to have sophisticated designs with lots of small moving parts, making them more susceptible to breakdowns and harder to repair.

With the Kodiak M2, AST’s powerful portable spray rig, contractors get the same spraying performance as a big rig, but in a much smaller, 16-gallon package. This portable spray rig can be used for a variety of applications and materials, is designed to give contractors years of reliable performance, and is equipped with features such as increased hopper capacity, impressive durability, and easy clean-up. 

AST Spray Rigs Are The Clear Choice For Your Texturing Needs

As you can see, texture spray machines from American Spray Technologies are no match for the other spray rigs available on the market. Very little effort is required to maintain our texture spraying equipment and you will not have to worry about over-preparing for unexpected maintenance and breakdowns. 

If your work has a need for a large texture sprayer or a portable spray rig like the Kodiak M2, contact the team at American Spray Technologies.