When you’re considering customizing any piece of equipment, price is always a factor. With the spray equipment from American Spray Technologies, though, customizing a spray rig is more affordable than you may initially think. You can easily create a custom rig with the modifications to meet your needs without breaking your budget. In today’s post, we are going to review three areas to consider when customizing a rig that could help benefit your business!

The Platform

The heart of a spray rig, the platform is typically the first decision you will need to make when building a custom spray rig. There are three different types of rigs to choose from: trailer, skid, and electric. Consider the needs of your business to better determine which platform is right for you. Let’s take a look at the three platforms:

Trailer Spray Rig

Trailer platforms are portable, compact, and easy to tow. AST quality trailer spray rigs require little maintenance and will give you years of efficient and profitable use.

Skid Spray Rig

Skid rigs are perfect for installing in box trucks or on flatbeds. These platforms are commonly used in cold-weather environments to keep the spray equipment warm.

Electric Platforms

Electric platforms are most commonly used for housing and high-rise applications. These are powerful, compact and portable - it can easily fit through doorways and elevators, which makes them perfect for multi-story buildings.

The Length of the Hose

The length of the hose plays an important role in the functionality and practicality of your custom spray rig. Typically, custom equipment will come with a high-pressure spray hose that lengths generally from around 125 to 150 feet. Depending on the type of projects you work on, and keeping long-term use and business growth in mind, extending the length of the hose for your custom rig may not be a bad idea!

The Spray Gun

The right spray gun can make applying texture to walls and ceilings easy. When considering gun types for your custom texture spray rig, it is important to know more about the quality of the finish, production, compressed air, and viscosity of your texture material to better determine which is the best fit. You’ll also need to know the difference between an air-switch gun and an electric-switch gun. Typically, airless sprayers are commonly used for outdoor spraying applications because of more overspray and loud noise as compared to HVLP sprayers. In contrast, air sprayers can do the detailed and precise job with little overspray and almost no noise.

The Pump

The pump is the heart of a spray rig, and choosing a pump is an important part of the customization process. Pumps are used to transfer a variety of fluids and are an economical choice for professionals in a variety of spraying applications. At American Spray Technologies, we have a variety of pumps to choose from when building your custom spray rig. Whether you are looking for a pump that can handle more corrosive materials or one that can handle more power, ATS has the solutions you are looking for.

Ready To Build Your Custom Texture Spray Rig?

Building any piece of custom equipment can be difficult, but at American Spray Technologies, you can easily Build A Rig with the help of our industry experts. To learn more about our texture spray rigs or to receive a quote for your custom equipment, contact us!