You might not think that drywall has a variety of available textures and styles, but it certainly does. Generally, drywall texture styles can be grouped into two categories. Their method of application for each type or style determines what group they are in — some textures are applied manually with basic hand tools, often referred to as hand applied drywall textures. The other category is referred to as sprayer applied drywall textures, which require a texture machine.

At American Spray Technologies, we specialize in drywall texture spraying equipment. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at each category and some of the most popular styles and textures in each.


Drywall Textures Applied By Hand

Drywall textures that are applied by hand can be as unique as the applicator is creative. A pan and knife are the most common tools used to apply hand textures. Some textures are applied with special brushes to swirl or stomp patterns in the material. Paint rollers or paint sprayers are even used sometimes. With this technique, knives, brushes, or rollers are then used to create unique patterns and styles


The textures applied by hand can vary depending on the technique used and skill level. Even when using similar techniques, different applicators will likely produce different texture styles.


Common Types of Hand Applied Drywall Textures

  • Smooth wall
  • Rosebud stomp
  • Swirl
  • Hawk and Trowel


Drywall Textures Applied By A Drywall Spray Rig

Drywall spray texturing on walls or ceilings certainly adds class to an ordinary room. While not all appreciate this textured effect, there is more to it than aesthetics. Soundproofing, as well as hiding painting and drywall installation mistakes, are among some of the benefits associated with this application method. There are a variety of drywall spray rigs available on the market. They typically have a tank or hopper for the drywall mud, a compressor for delivering air to atomize the material, a hose, and a gun to spray the material. Larger spray rigs are fitted with gas or diesel powered motors that run the material pump and the air compressor for powerful and efficient application. Smaller drywall texture pumps may be air driven diaphragm pumps or rotor/stator pumps driven by an electric motor. 

Drywall mud is pumped through the hose to the gun. The gun is fitted with switches and valves that turn the pump on and off and control air volume. Using drywall mud and compressed air, the gun sprays the material onto the drywall surface to create a texture. The type of texture depends on the type of material used, the size of the nozzle on the texture gun, and the amount of compressed air that is mixed with the drywall mud.


Common Types of Sprayer Applied Drywall Textures


  • Popcorn
  • Knockdown
  • Orange peel

As you can see, the application methods have their differences. When it comes to matching drywall textures, it is often difficult to do. Check out some tips for matching drywall texture.


If you are wanting to apply drywall textures with a spray texture machine, American Spray Technologies is the place to go to. Whether you need a trailer or skid mounted rigs, a Kodiak portable sprayer, or spray rig parts we have what you need. Create your custom spray rig today!