When it comes to drywall texturing applications, professional contractors need texturing machines and equipment they can rely on to meet the needs and demands of their work. In addition to needing texture spray rigs that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their spraying applications, drywall contractors look for equipment that is durable and requires little maintenance to ensure extended power and performance. Texture spray rig maintenance takes a lot of time, and in a very demanding industry, professional contractors do not have the downtime to tend to their equipment on the job. 

At American Spray Technologies, we have changed the game when it comes to texture machines and drywall spray rigs. We produce the best spray rigs on the market and only equip them with the very best components and features to provide contractors with top-of-the-line spray equipment. We have set a standard that professional contractors rely on.

Maintenance Tips For Your AST Texture Machines

There are many advantages of choosing an AST spray rig over standard texture sprayers, but the fact that they require low-maintenance is one of the reasons why they are the preferred choice among many contractors. All of our texture spray machines are designed to give you years of low-maintenance and profitable texture spray results. However, like most heavier equipment, your spray rig will require light maintenance here and there to ensure a long life of quality performance. In this blog, we’ll share some regular maintenance tips to follow to ensure the best performance from your texture spray rig. 

Engine Maintenance - Gas Only

On our gas texture spraying equipment, we use Kohler Command engines. We choose these engines because they have set the benchmark for commercial power. Oil changes are recommended annually or after 100 hours of use to get the best performance. After every 500 hours of use, the spark plugs and the set gap should be replaced. 

Remember: Before working on the engine, disable the engine by: 1) Disconnect spark plug lead(s). 2) Disconnect negative (–) battery cable from the battery. 

Compressor Maintenance

The compressor is what pumps air through the hose of your spray rig. The air is mixed with the texturing material, atomizing it, allowing for a smooth application. Keeping the compressor maintained can save you both time and money down the road. Be sure to keep an eye on the pump’s oil level and air filter. For further instructions on compressor maintenance, refer to the manuals that come with your spray rig. 

Pump Maintenance

The pump on your spray rig is another essential component that, while very little, will require some maintenance to keep your entire spray rig performing the way it is supposed to. If you’re going to remember one thing about pump maintenance, remember the following: 1) never let the pump run dry and 2) water is not a sufficient lubricant for the pump. 

Water does not lubricate the pump enough to make it safe. If you need to run the pump without any texture material in it, soapy water is the best way to go. Without soap, water alone will not properly lubricate the pump.

Other Maintenance Tips 

Maintenance of Texture Quality - In order to maintain the quality of texture being mixed, make sure that you always clean out the tank after it has been drained, such as after a spray job. Doing this will prevent the material from drying and sticking to the inside of the tank and breaking off into the new batch of texture. 

Trailer Rig Maintenance - Just like any trailer you pull with your vehicle, trailer spray rig maintenance includes checking trailer lights, brakes, and tire pressure at regular intervals.

Stator Tube Maintenance - Your spray rigs stator tubes are an essential component of spray rigs. At AST, we put a lot of time and effort into testing our tubes to ensure our rubber compound is the ideal composition for spraying texture. Our tubes are long-lasting and require very little maintenance compared to other stator tubes.

Of course, if you want to get the full-scope of maintenance requirements for your texture spray rig, you should refer to the manuals that came with it. By following a regular maintenance routine, you can ensure that you get the best performance out of your spray rig for years to come. For further questions or assistance with spray rig maintenance, contact our experts today!