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Kodiak drywall sprayer
DVD texture sprayer   Drywall Equipment Testimonials
Kodiak Texture Sprayer Testimonials
Drywall Sprayer Financing

The Kodiak Texture Sprayer - Portable, Yet Powerful

For the last eight years, American Spray's Kodiak texture sprayer has been the only real choice for serious professionals who need a compact, easy to maneuver, texture spray machine. Like all AST drywall equipment, this texture sprayer is designed to give you years of reliable performance for a variety of applications and materials. This powerful spray unit can easily handle most orange peel or knockdown materials that are designed for spray applications.** Some chinking, fireproofing and elastomeric materials can also be applied using this portable unit. The Kodiak M2 raises the bar even higher with increased hopper capacity, durability, and easy clean-up features that contractors require for getting those texture spray jobs done.

**Please contact our sales staff to find out if your material is compatible to spray using the Kodiak.

AST Kodaik texture sprayer Kodiak drywall sprayer
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Powerful texture sprayer

Improved Features of the Kodiak M2 Drywall Sprayer


Kodiak chinking  hopper Kodiak Acoustic control Portable Drywall Sprayer
CAPACITY - Larger hopper (16 Gallons) the perfect choice for bigger texture jobs   DURABILITY - The new electronic control box is a water-tight, cast aluminum enclosure   EASY CLEAN UP - Unique pump housing design makes disassembly & clean up a breeze

Easy, No Hassle Clean-Up
The larger 16-gallon high impact, texture hopper is a snap to remove for cleaning and transport. The unique pump-housing design allows full access and disassembly by simply flipping two camlocs. It couldn't get any easier! AST texture sprayers and drywall equipment are designed to be easy-to-clean, low maintenance, and durable....so you can get through your texture jobs in the shortest amount of time.

AST Kodiak M2 Design Features

  Kodiak Texture Sprayer Controls  


You set the speed with the turn of a knob, you have infinite pump speed control with a turn of the knob. The M2’s electronics are now enclosed in a watertight cast aluminum housing. The operational status of the machine is quickly and easily shown with the multi-color LED display.


The Kodiak drywall sprayer is perfect for you if you are tired of compensating for the shortfalls fo your current pump. It provides both variable speed control and high pressure, with the capability of generating 300 pounds of pressure. You can pump many thicker slurries that other sprayers can't handle.

The Kodiak M2 system comes complete with up to 70’ of 3/4” hose, pole gun and two hardened steel tips of your choice. Tip sizes are 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”. Other options are also available for your specific needs.

Choosing a Compressor For Your Kodiak Texture Sprayer
We can provide a gas or electric compressor sized for your specific application. Please call us for sizing and pricing.

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Matching the right compressor for your spraying application is the most important part to achieve great texture spray results. The amount of air required will vary on what type of material you are spraying. CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) is the key: the higher the CFM, the more spraying power you will have. Air tank size is not important since you are using the air as fast as it can be pumped. For first-time users, we recommend that you rent a compressor for the first few jobs, until you are satisfied that you have found the right size that meets your specfic spraying needs.

You can spray with a compressor rated as small as 5 CFM at 100 PSI, or as large as 23 CFM at 100 PSI, but most professionals use 8 to 18 CFM. If you have already selected a compressor that produces 16 to 18 CFM you may not need to read any further, because your selection will most likely meet all of your needs, and even more.

So what size is right for you? If you're applying heavy knockdown or thicker materials, it may require very little air, 5 to 8 CFM. But spraying a lighter orange peel texture will require more air, 12 CFM. At 12 CFM, you may find that you get the pattern you want and be happy, but by using a larger compressor, you may find that you can spray even faster.

Basically the compressor size depends on your specific use of the Kodiak sprayer. As a general rule, most drywall contractors get the results they want with an 8 to 12 CFM compressor. If you want to maximize your Kodiak spraying power and spray as fast as the big texture spray rigs, then consider installing a gas-powered 15 to 18 CFM compressor in the back of your truck and run the airline into the house. This setup give you plenty of spraying power and saves on job site setup time.

Collapsible handle for
easy transport
Optional Binks gun



Listen to what professionals have to say about the AST Kodiak drywall sprayer:

Robert Dodd:
"You can't keep up with it. Biggest thing was reliability with my other pump. I had to rebuild it 2 to 3 times. With the Kodiak I have spent $20.00 for a switch over 6 years"

Thomas Ealum, Thomas Ealum Drywall:
"I don't have to use stilts anymore since I switched to the Kodiak and my production went from spraying two apartments per day to 4 apartments per day"

Dave Evans, Evans Drywall Inc.
"I could spray 4 units in 2 hours 35 minutes with my airless and now I spray 4 units in 1 hour and 20 minutes with the Kodiak"

New easy clean up features
Step 1: release
  Step 2 : slide out
  Step 3 : remove
drive shaft
  Step 4 : reverse
steps to
  Step 5 : re-install
upper hopper

US patents pending

Machine weight
(excluding hose and gun)
138 lb.
Weight, 35’ hose and gun 30 lb.
Shipping Weight 196 lb.
Hopper Capacity 16 gal


1.0 hp Gear Motor 110VAC 15 Amp
1.5 hp Gear Motor 220VAC 10 Amp

Figures are approximate and subject to change without notice.