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Founded in 1969

American Spray Technologies was started in the 1960’s by Pete Whitt. The company was originally named Pete’s Equipment and quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing quality spray rigs that required very little effort to maintain. Mr. Whitt accomplished this through the use of technology and creative innovation to produce the first patented hydraulic-control spray texture rig on the market.

In the mid-nineties, the company was bought and revamped. Changes were made to both the design of the rigs and the manufacturing process with the overall goal being to make routine maintenance easier and to keep costs lower for customers. The company was also rebranded as American Spray Technologies to accurately represent what we are:

An American manufacturing company that invents and manufacturers the highest quality drywall texture spraying technology on the market.

Since then, using technology to improve the spraying experience has been the cornerstone of our business. Numerous improvements to our machines have been introduced over the years. Some of them have been simple changes, like eliminating the need for parts that commonly fail like pins in the pump drive system. Others have completely changed the way drywallers think about rig maintenance, like the butterfly valve pump body that allows you to cut off the flow of mud from the tank so you can service your pump without draining the tank.

The Kodiak

In the late 90s, we were presented with a challenge. A customer wanted a machine with the performance of a big rig that was small enough to fit in the back of a small bush plane for flying into the Alaska backcountry to work in villages that were not accessible by road. We went to work and the Kodiak was born. The Kodiak uses an electric motor to drive the same rotor/stator style pump as our big rigs. The whole pump assembly breaks down with no tools for easy cleaning and transport. And though it was a perfect solution for our friends in Alaska, the Kodiak M2 is used by many contractors who want a portable unit and it continues to set the standard for high performance, compact spraying machines.

People all over the world use it for anything from spraying drywall mud and fireproofing to pumping chinking for log cabins.

Ask anyone who has used American Spray Technologies equipment and they will tell you this is the one to achieve superior results in a shorter amount of time. Let our 50 years of continuous improvement work for you.

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