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Sprayed today... I've used a lot of spray rigs over the years and the one I got from you at AST Is by far the best one I've ever used. Thanks!

- Gary Davis Drywall - McKinleyville, CA

A couple of guys who know rigs have just loved the thing. I have to tell you, I forgot what it was like to run a rig that put texture to the gun the way this one does. Even with all of my experience I was still able to become a better and more efficient spray man overnight. I'm actually having fun on the job again, I know that sounds silly, but it's true and I haven't been able to say that in years." "There is no fluff in what I say about this rig, it's as I've said before, to make money with a spray rig you've got to have 3 things; texture pressure at the gun, the volume of air to support all of that material and reliability in your machine. It's clear that we have all of those in our 420.

- Jim Pool with JPDS - 420 diesel

I love the aesthetical design of the rig. The platform is twice as big as other rigs and holds more mud. I really enjoy the flex gun, texture strainer and the removable fuel tank. The paint job is superior and low profile makes it a great rig for towing and going around corners. When it's time for a new rig it will be another American Spray without a doubt.

- Robert Hammond w/IDS - 200 gas

Rig works great, it's outstanding.

- Norm Wills w/Pro Tec - 150 gas

It's awesome, I have had other spray rigs and nothing compares, there is no comparison. Mix time is awesome we spray 1/2 million board feet per month, unbelievable machine.

- Bob Cross w/Bend Drywall - 350 gas

Definitely stepping up from a Pinto to a Cadillac, mixing is a lot better, faster & quieter.

- John Hanson w/Alpha Interior Finishing - 150 gas

Really pleased with spray rig, well built, technology is supreme. I have never seen anything like it before. I would not go with any other spray rig besides AST.

- Carmen Parese w/Custom Drywall Repair - 150 gas

Pattern is absolutely beautiful and consistent. Builders have seen a difference in spray and have commented.

- Steven Sweet w/Steven Sweet Drywall - 200 gas

I ordered the perfect machine and got it.

- Mark Pirolo w/Innovative Products - 350 gas

It's a flawless piece of machinery.

- Shaun Biela w/Biela Drywall - 150 gas

Some of the best people to talk to and answered every question I had.

- Ronnie Perez w/Perez Drywall - 150 gas

Has been the most dependable spray rig.

- Don Watson w/Watson Drywall - 200 gas

Perfect spray rig, has done everything I have asked it to do.

- Tom Hammons w/Valley Drywall Service - 150 gas

Much easier and user friendly machine than what I had.

- Denny Bergman w/DAB Inc - 510 gas

No comparison, mixing / spraying, everything is faster with AST. It's easier to use and I do not sweat going to spray more than 2 houses, this rig is seamless.

- Rick Page w/TW Page Drywall - 350 gas

Convenient, very easy to use, has plenty of speed which saves me time.

- Mike Nikonchuk w/M & M Drywall - 150 gas

Best piece of equipment I have ever owned.

- Kurt Rakestraw w/Drywall Assemblies Systems Inc - 270 gas

I'm overwhelmed with this machine, more than expected, job well done.

- Dean Winkle w/Dean Winkle Drywall - 270 diesel

This diesel has a smooth hum compared to other gas machines.

- Milton Maxwell w/Express Drywall - 350 diesel

Truly the finest spray technology on the market today.

- Maurice Schouviller w/Capital City Enterprise Inc - 350 diesel

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