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At American Spray Technologies, our texture spray rigs aren’t consistently rated as “top of the line" for just any reason. It’s because we put in the time and effort to design and develop spraying equipment that not only will help increase the efficiency in which jobs are completed, but that will also last for years while requiring little maintenance.

And that’s not all. We also have some great attachments for your spray rig that can come in handy for certain jobs, such as the piston pump. Our piston pump attachment is the solution texture sprayers need that enables the texturing, spraying smooth wall, and priming all out of the same spray rig. Let's take a further look at our piston pump attachment.

Product Highlight: Piston Pump

The piston pump attachment eliminates the need of having a big rig and a separate airless unit. By building your spray rig with this attachment, you have the ability to mix and spray texture as usual and also utilize your spray rig to power a piston pump that is mounted to the side of the tank. At American Spray Technologies, we use The Titan Hydra 4000, a heavy-duty piston pump that offers impressive power and performance. 


When you build your spray rig with a piston pump, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Priming, Fogging, Smooth Wall. With the piston pump attachment, you will have the ability to spray primer, smooth wall, self-leveling material with the same power as a big rig. This is the attachment you need for versatility.

  • Mix With Large Tank. The piston pump attachment on your big rig allows you to use your big rig tank to mix your material and it is fed directly to the piston pump from the tank.

  • Lengthy Hose. The length of hose for our piston pump is usually somewhere between 100 and 200 feet, enough to handle most jobsite demands. 

For high volume contractors, the piston pump attachment allows for the ability to spray primer and smooth wall into their big rig texture machine can provide convenience and eliminate the hassle of carrying around a separate airless machine. To learn more, contact us!

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Power. Durability. Years of profitable use. At American Spray Technologies, we know that these are the three things that those in the drywall texturing business look for in their texture spraying equipment. With that in mind, we set out to design and develop the best spray rigs that the industry has to offer. By using high-quality materials and choosing to make our texture spray rigs hydraulically controlled rather than mechanically, we have given drywall contractors a solution that not only helps increase job efficiency and complete control over pump and mixing speeds, but that also provides years of profitable use.

One of the reasons our customers prefer our spray rigs over competing texture spray rigs is because not only do they last longer, but also because we allow our customers to design a custom spray rig that is built to meet the demands of their work. 

Product Highlight: Skid Mounted Rigs

While our texture machine trailer rigs are our most popular systems, we also offer skid mounted spray rigs. In this blog, we’re going to highlight our skid mounted rigs and some of the features and benefits that they offer. 


Our skid mounted spray rigs are designed for installing in box trucks or on truck flatbeds. Typically, contractors that work in cold-weather environments use skids to keep their equipment warm. At American Spray Technologies, our split skid machine is unlike any other. It comes with two separate skids: one containing the tanks and the pump and the other containing the power pack—which consists of the engine and compressor.

We offer our skid mounted sprayers in various tank sizes. Skid mount rigs can be ordered with a 20 or 25 HP Kohler engine or a diesel engine. 


In addition to being made from high-quality materials, our skid mounted rigs offer many other benefits for contractors in the texture spraying industry, including:

  • Maximum Protection - When skid mounted rigs are mounted inside of box trucks, they are protected from the elements, especially the cold weather. When working in cold weather environments, you have to have a solution for keeping your drywall mud from freezing, and box truck mounted rigs are perfect for jobs in locations that experience cold weather.

  • More Storage - Since skid mounted rigs can be mounted inside box trucks or on truck flatbeds, it gives contractors another area for storage. Tools, ladders, spraying material, and other equipment can be placed in the box truck or on the flatbed, giving contractors a convenient storage solution. 

  • Separation - Since our skid mounted rigs have two separate skids in the split skid option, both the tank and pump can be mounted inside the truck while the engine and compressor can be mounted outside. Alternatively, both components can be mounted inside but divided by a wall inside the truck—mixing drywall mud can be messy and dusty, so keeping the engine and compressor away from the dust will extend the life of the equipment and keep them running smoothly for years to come. 

  • Easy Installation - Installation of skid mounted rigs is a breeze! Simply use a forklift to get the rig into your box truck or trailer and secure with the bolt down pads, making sure they are mounted to structural members. Skid mounted machines come with everything you need to get the rig installed on a truck including hose racks, exhaust pipes, and install hardware.

Interested In A Skid Mounted Rig? 

If you are interested in the advantages that a skid mounted texture machine can bring to your business, we suggest using our Build A Rig tool! It is the quickest way to get a quote and receive more information about how a split skid spray rig could optimize your texture spraying business! 

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At American Spray Technologies, it is our goal to provide our customers with the best texture sprayer that is designed to last, increase job efficiency, and provide years of profitable use. Very little effort is required by the user to maintain our line of texture spray equipment, so you can spend your time spraying more jobs and bringing in more income than ever before!

We specialize in manufacturing hydraulic controlled spray rigs, which provide infinite control of mixing and pump speed. This makes mixing a breeze and adjusting your spray pattern easy. You don’t have to worry about any transmissions or clutches to hassle with. What’s more, our hydraulic texture spray rigs cost less to maintain mechanical machines. Ease of use, low maintenance, and reliable performance are just a few of the many reasons why our customers love our like of drywall texture spray rigs.

A Look At Some of Our Big Rig Trailer Texture Spray Machines

At AST, we have a wide selection of texture spray rigs that are designed to meet the demands of your spraying application. From truck-mounted spray rigs to portable texture sprayer rigs, we have it all! However, in today’s blog, we are going to focus on two of our most popular big rig trailers, the 150 Gallon Gas Powered Trailer and the 200 Gallon Gas Powered Trailer

Both texture machines are an excellent choice for the sprayer that wants to blow through a house in minutes. 

Standard Features of Our 150 & 200 Gas Trailer Spray Rigs

These texture spray rigs have the power to do it all. The infinite control over mixing and pump speeds gives you a consistent spraying texture every time. Let’s take a look at some of the standard features on these spray rigs.

  • Trailer mounted single tank with 20.5HP Kohler engine and 23 CFM compressor

  • 125’ hose set with pole gun, air or electric control pump switch, and stainless steel texture strainer

  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles

  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads

  • Electric brakes

  • Independent suspension torsion arm axles

  • 14” wheels and bearing buddies

  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips

  • 2L4 high-performance pump

  • Stainless steel texture strainer

  • High-performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst

  • Easy access oil filters

The Benefits of Our 150 & 200 Gas Rigs

Low Maintenance & Easy To Service

Maintaining your texture spraying equipment is vital if you want years of profitable use. However, it can also be a burden. American Spray Technologies created a solution to this issue by designing the equipment to provide years of reliable use while requiring low maintenance. With both of our 150 & 200 Gas Trailer Spray Rigs, maintenance is a breeze. The oil filters and drains are easy to reach, allowing sprayers to service their machines in minutes rather than hours. Because these spray rigs have two oil filters — one permanent, the other replaceable. Plus, the low maintenance design of these spray rigs translates to less time spent on repairs!

Ultimate Maneuverability

These texture machine trailers have the ultimate maneuverability. These texture machines are known for their rugged trailer construction and compact size to make it easy to tow, reducing wear and tear on your vehicle. They can be towed to job sites, parked, and will be ready to go. You can use the work truck you already have to tow them. If you already have a work truck, you won’t need to worry about investing a ton of money in a box truck or flatbed truck to mount a skid sprayer on. 

Great For A Variety of Applications

Both texture machines are an excellent choice for the sprayer looking for a long-term solution for their spraying applications. Our big rig trailers can be used for spraying jobs of all sizes, from single-family homes to apartment buildings. The capacity of the 150 spray rig is more than enough for most spray jobs. The model 200, on the other hand, has the extra tank capacity for those bigger custom jobs.

Affordable Pricing

The power, performance, and profitable increase in jobs are well worth the cost of our spray rigs. Better yet, rather than paying for it all at once, consider financing a drywall texture sprayer. Our monthly financing costs are so low that all it takes is a few jobs per month to pay off the investment. 

Durable Construction

Our tube frame welded construction is designed to handle heavy loads. This is something you cannot find on other texture spraying machines. What makes our construction unique is that our frame doubles as the air tank. All air tank frame welds are air pressure tested to ensure quality welds. It takes longer to make a tubular steel frame, but it is the best and we are committed to providing our clients with only the best spray rigs. The motor plates we use are made of thick steel and are designed to handle the vibrations of a hard-working spray rig. You cannot see these benefits right away, but rather after you have owned your spray rig for five or 10 years. When other rigs crack and fail, yours will continue to work and provide you with the performance you need!

What Clients Are Saying About Our Trailer Spray Rigs

As our most popular spray rigs, AST has helped many sprayers increase their spraying efficiency and performance by providing them with spray equipment they can depend on. Below are testimonials from a few of the many customers that have benefited from a 150 or 200 Gas Trailer Spray Rigs.

“I bought AST 150-gallon spray rig last month and was very impressed with how well it's built. I have sprayed several projects and am totally happy with the performance. Also, I have enjoyed the highest level of commitment and patience of the sales personnel.”
Bravo Drywall. (Spokane, Washington)

“We are tickled pink with our 200 machine … it's unbelievable, so easy to use and much more consistent than our last machine. It has cut my time down at least 30%! My guys fight over who is going to get to spray with the rig.”
Rodriguez Drywall (Lakewood, Colorado)

“Bought the AST 150-gallon machine in January. So I've used it for a full year and have never had a problem with the machine at all. It's very easy to use, the material comes out consistent, and the air has enough pressure to do very fine orange peel. I definitely would recommend to others.”
Gould Drywall (Estacada, Oregon)

Are You Interested In A Quality Texture Machine Trailer? 

If you are interested in a drywall texture sprayer trailer for your business, you cannot go wrong with the 150 Gallon Gas Powered Trailer or 200 Gallon Gas Powered Trailer. To learn more information about these spray rigs, or to figure out which one is best for your application, contact the sales experts at AST today!

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In one of our recent blogs, we reviewed the benefits of spray rig financing. To briefly review, financing your texture spraying equipment can help improve your cash flow, give you direct ownership of the equipment, and can even increase your return on investment.

At American Spray Technologies, we try to make equipment financing as easy a s possible by offering solutions through Marlin Capital Solutions. With this partnership, our clients can apply for financing applications online. In this quick blog post, we are going to outline the steps it takes to financing an AST texture spray rig 

Step #1: Shop

Head to sprayrig.com to browse our selection of different texture machines. Professional contractors often are interested in trailer mounted rigs, skid mounted rigs, or electric rigs. For contractors that are looking for a more portable solution the Kodiak M2 is the ideal choice. Need help choosing the right texture spray rig? Check out our helpful tips.

Step #2: Apply

Once you have decided on a texture spray rig, it’s time to apply. When you are on our site, click ‘Click for Easy Financing’. When you are ready to begin your financing credit application, click ‘Apply Today’ and begin filling out your information.

Step # 3: Review & Confirm

Once you finish filling out your credit application, review the information thoroughly. If it all looks good, go ahead and sign the finance agreement.

Step #4: Receive Your Equipment

Once you are approved for financing, you’ll receive your brand new equipment shortly after. You’ll be able to start using it right away, making your work more efficient and effective.

Step #5: Make Payments

Once you receive your equipment, you can start making monthly payments. Don’t worry, your monthly payments are fairly affordable! Once your equipment is paid off, you have nothing else to worry about besides the jobs and projects you recieve. 

There you have it. In just five simple steps you can begin financing a high-quality spray rig. To learn more about financing, contact us!

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When it comes to drywall texturing applications, professional contractors need texturing machines and equipment they can rely on to meet the needs and demands of their work. In addition to needing texture spray rigs that can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their spraying applications, drywall contractors look for equipment that is durable and requires little maintenance to ensure extended power and performance. Texture spray rig maintenance takes a lot of time, and in a very demanding industry, professional contractors do not have the downtime to tend to their equipment on the job. 

At American Spray Technologies, we have changed the game when it comes to texture machines and drywall spray rigs. We produce the best spray rigs on the market and only equip them with the very best components and features to provide contractors with top-of-the-line spray equipment. We have set a standard that professional contractors rely on.

Maintenance Tips For Your AST Texture Machines

There are many advantages of choosing an AST spray rig over standard texture sprayers, but the fact that they require low-maintenance is one of the reasons why they are the preferred choice among many contractors. All of our texture spray machines are designed to give you years of low-maintenance and profitable texture spray results. However, like most heavier equipment, your spray rig will require light maintenance here and there to ensure a long life of quality performance. In this blog, we’ll share some regular maintenance tips to follow to ensure the best performance from your texture spray rig. 

Engine Maintenance - Gas Only

On our gas texture spraying equipment, we use Kohler Command engines. We choose these engines because they have set the benchmark for commercial power. Oil changes are recommended annually or after 100 hours of use to get the best performance. After every 500 hours of use, the spark plugs and the set gap should be replaced. 

Remember: Before working on the engine, disable the engine by: 1) Disconnect spark plug lead(s). 2) Disconnect negative (–) battery cable from the battery. 

Compressor Maintenance

The compressor is what pumps air through the hose of your spray rig. The air is mixed with the texturing material, atomizing it, allowing for a smooth application. Keeping the compressor maintained can save you both time and money down the road. Be sure to keep an eye on the pump’s oil level and air filter. For further instructions on compressor maintenance, refer to the manuals that come with your spray rig. 

Pump Maintenance

The pump on your spray rig is another essential component that, while very little, will require some maintenance to keep your entire spray rig performing the way it is supposed to. If you’re going to remember one thing about pump maintenance, remember the following: 1) never let the pump run dry and 2) water is not a sufficient lubricant for the pump. 

Water does not lubricate the pump enough to make it safe. If you need to run the pump without any texture material in it, soapy water is the best way to go. Without soap, water alone will not properly lubricate the pump.

Other Maintenance Tips 

Maintenance of Texture Quality - In order to maintain the quality of texture being mixed, make sure that you always clean out the tank after it has been drained, such as after a spray job. Doing this will prevent the material from drying and sticking to the inside of the tank and breaking off into the new batch of texture. 

Trailer Rig Maintenance - Just like any trailer you pull with your vehicle, trailer spray rig maintenance includes checking trailer lights, brakes, and tire pressure at regular intervals.

Stator Tube Maintenance - Your spray rigs stator tubes are an essential component of spray rigs. At AST, we put a lot of time and effort into testing our tubes to ensure our rubber compound is the ideal composition for spraying texture. Our tubes are long-lasting and require very little maintenance compared to other stator tubes.

Of course, if you want to get the full-scope of maintenance requirements for your texture spray rig, you should refer to the manuals that came with it. By following a regular maintenance routine, you can ensure that you get the best performance out of your spray rig for years to come. For further questions or assistance with spray rig maintenance, contact our experts today!

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When it comes to texture machines and drywall spray rigs, American Spray Technologies has set the standards for professional contractors. Whether jobs involve spraying skim coat, drywall texturing in a splatter or knockdown finish, or the application of another heavy coating, our durable texture sprayers get the job done. 

What makes the texture spray rigs from American Spray Technologies different from the rest? You essentially get to build a custom spray rig. Just as every vehicle that leaves a car dealership can be ‘customized’ with added bells and whistles, drywall contractors and other professionals have the ability to choose from several different options, allowing them to configure their interior texture sprayer to their specific needs and demands of their work. 

Building Your AST Texture Spray Rig

The experts at American Spray Technologies has helped numerous professional contractors build durable and powerful spray rigs that allow them to finish texturing jobs efficiently and effectively. If you are interested in adding another texture spray machine to your fleet, we’re going to use today’s post to help you get an idea of some of the options you can choose from to configure your texture sprayer to fit the needs of your work. 

Spray Rig Type

AST manufactures a few different texture sprayers to cater to different applications. Trailer mounted rigs, skid mounted rigs, and electric rigs are the most popular spray rigs professional contractors are looking for, and we designed them to offer the dependable and high-quality performance that their line of work relies on. Let’s outline these different spray rig types and what they offer:

Trailer Mounted Spray Rig

Our texture spray rig trailer is by far one of the most popular platforms and is used in a variety of applications. This drywall texture sprayer trailer is designed to last and provide years of trouble-free use. They range in size from 150 to 350 gallons. In addition to ease of use and low maintenance, one of the biggest advantages of texture machine trailer is that it offers superior maneuverability — it can be towed to the job site, which in turn eliminates the need of using expenses to purchase a box or flatbed truck to mount the spray rig on. This is the essential choice for professional contractors who want the simplest system available.

 Skid Mounted Rigs

AST skid mounted sprayers can be used to spray anything from single-family homes to apartment buildings and everything in between. They are available in various tank sizes as well. This is a popular option, especially for those that live in cold weather environments. The texture spraying tank can be mounted inside a box truck, which helps keep the tank warmer. This is essential as cold temperatures can often affect the spray quality and efficiency. Contractors can also choose to select a split skid configuration, which keeps the engine and compressor from the dust of the mixing compartment. 

Electric Spray Rig

The big advantage of big electric spray rigs is that they can be brought inside of buildings. These rigs can be configured in various tank sizes to meet your specific needs. For example, the 100-gallon electric spray rig is sized so that it can fit within a freight elevator on a job site, making it easy to take your rig to any story of the building. These are ideal for contractors that work in high-rise applications — while other spray rigs can pump material vertically, hose management can be a burden, which is why many prefer electric rigs. Another application for electric rigs is in manufactured housing plants. Electric rigs can be brought into the factory and set up to spray in a production line fashion. 

The type of spray rig you choose will certainly depend on the type of work you do, of course. Need help choosing the best spray rig to meet the needs and demands of your work? Check out our tips for choosing the right texture spray rig

Rig Size

Once you choose the right type of spray rig, you’ll need to choose the right size. Specific types of texture spray rigs can be smaller or larger, it depends on what the contractor wants. Typically, contractors go for rig sizes that are 150 to 350 gallons. You can determine what the right rig size is by considering the type of texture material being sprayed, the thickness of the material, and how thick the contractor is applying the application. If you aren’t sure which size texture machine is best, ask our experts

Engine Size

AST spray rigs are equipped with high-quality engines to ensure optimal performance. 270 to 250-gallon rigs are upgraded to a 23.5 HP engine to add a bit more power when it comes to mixing larger amounts of material in a bigger tank. Contractors that choose a 150- to 200-gallon tanks often upgrade to a bigger engine along with a bigger compressor — which we’ll get to the next — or if they are working in high-altitude environments as they require more power. 

Compressor Size

Another option contractors get to choose when building a rig is the compressor size. When it comes to compressor size, the bigger compressor the more air you get. During application, when the texture material and air comes out of the end of the spray gun, the air is actually atomizing the material which allows for smooth texturing. The more air pressure that is mixed with the texture material, the finer the material will be. More air also enables you to spray faster — the rate of material flow and airflow can be increased to spray more efficiently. 

HD Pump

One of the features that makes our texture spray rigs unique is the HD pump. Mounted to the bottom of the tank, this pump is what enables texture to pump through the hose. How is this helpful? Imagine having a tank filled with 300 gallons of texture material, only to have the pump break down and require new parts. When circumstances like these occur, standard spray rigs have no way of stopping the flow of mud from the tank to the pump. The HD Pump, on the other hand, has a butterfly valve between the tank and the pump. This valve allows contractors to easily stop the flow of material when the pump needs to be worked on. This simple feature actually saves contractors hours and hours of headaches and work.

Spray Gun Type

When you purchase a spray rig from AST, it comes equipped with a standard pole gun. The gun comes with two round tips in sizes of your choice, with six sizes to choose from. If you want to upgrade the spray gun, we have different options available to fit your needs, including:

  • AST FLEX GUN: This gun has a flexible shaft and the head and bracket are attached via swivel fittings. This is the most maneuverable gun as you can turn the head different directions without turning the whole gun. It makes spraying tight spaces such as closets, small bathrooms, and hallways easier. 

  • AST LONG POLE GUN: This spray gun is like the standard, just longer! Contractors spraying in applications with high ceilings prefer this gun. 

  • BINKS 7E2 GUN: This is a pistol style spray gun. It offers a different grip that many find more comfortable compared to other spray guns. There are also different tip options available for it. We offer round tips for it in the same sizes as the pole guns, but also fan tips, machine brocade tips, and other specialty tips that allow for a more unique application. 

  • 7E2 FLEX GUN: This is the same spray gun as the AST Flex Gun, the only difference is that it has a 7E2 Binks Gun head on it. This option is perfect for those looking for maneuverability of the flex gun but the tip options of the 7E2 Binks gun.

Switch Type 

You also have the option to select the switch type for your texture spray rig. While the choice varies from contractor to contractor, both have their unique advantages. Some contractors in the industry prefer having an air like running out of the gun while others prefer gas. If you aren’t sure which switch type if the best for your needs, our experts can help you figure out which configuration is best. 

Hose Length

Our spray rigs come equipped with a 200 foot hose as a standard option. However, many professionals prefer to have more length. The standard hose is rated to 800 pounds working pressure and 3200 pounds of burst pressure. Keep in mind that while longer can spray more area without the need to move the rig, it requires more pressure. If you choose to equip your rig with a longer hose, it becomes important to use a high-quality hose as there is more pressure built up in the line. We supply the highest-quality hoses for our texture spray rig to ensure bursts are avoided. 

Split Tank

While it isn’t the most popular spray rig configuration, opting for a split tank allows you to spray multiple types of texture material on a single job. With a split tank spray rig, you can spray the ceilings one type of texture and the walls another type of texture in your work. 

Woah. We know that was a lot of information to process, but it just goes to show that our spray rigs are designed to meet the needs and demands of your work. If you are interested in building your own texture rig, click here or contact us to learn more information!

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When it comes to your texture spraying applications, reliable and efficient texture spray equipment is essential for a quality finish. For drywall contractors, choosing the right texture spray machine can be challenging, especially with so many options available on the market. Of course, the materials drywall contractors spray as well as the surfaces that are being sprayed have a significant influence as to which is the best texture sprayer for their applications and work. 

At American Spray Technologies, we know just how important it is for drywall contractors to have a reliable, durable, and powerful texture spray rigs. That is why we put our efforts into manufacturing high-quality spray texture machines for a variety of applications. 

Common Texture Spray Rig Issues Conquered By AST Spray Rigs

If you are looking for a new texture spray rig, getting one from American Spray Technologies is the clear choice. Designed to last and provide years of profitable use, our hydraulic controlled spray rigs not only outlast other competing texture machines, but they outperform them as well. AST texture spray machines require little maintenance and are easy to use, and best of all, they don’t experience these common issues:

Issues With Big Rig Texture Sprayers

Big rigs, such as texture machine trailers or truck mounted spray rigs offer the power that professional contractors need for larger jobs. These types of texture spray rigs allow users to quickly finish jobs and they provide more than enough tank capacity for even large drywall spray jobs. However, larger rigs have historically had reliability issues, which affect the quality of work and the amount of time needed to complete the job. Because of the issues these larger spray rigs are known to have, contractors have had to over-prepare for maintenance and breakdowns. For example, many contractors will choose a texture spray machine with two pumps on it, that way when one of them breaks down they will have another one ready to go. 

With big rigs from American Spray Technologies, the overpreparation for maintenance and breakdowns is unnecessary. A single AST pump will provide years of reliable performance, and more and more contractors are beginning to realize that spray rigs with a second pump are unnecessary. 

Issues With Portable Texture Sprayers

Small, portable texture sprayers have substantially less power than larger rigs, but are essential for jobs that require maneuvering through tighter spaces. Because these portable sprayers have less power and spray slower, many contractors find it difficult to spray finer textures. Not to mention, a majority of the portable texture spray rigs on the market tend to have sophisticated designs with lots of small moving parts, making them more susceptible to breakdowns and harder to repair.

With the Kodiak M2, AST’s powerful portable spray rig, contractors get the same spraying performance as a big rig, but in a much smaller, 16-gallon package. This portable spray rig can be used for a variety of applications and materials, is designed to give contractors years of reliable performance, and is equipped with features such as increased hopper capacity, impressive durability, and easy clean-up. 

AST Spray Rigs Are The Clear Choice For Your Texturing Needs

As you can see, texture spray machines from American Spray Technologies are no match for the other spray rigs available on the market. Very little effort is required to maintain our texture spraying equipment and you will not have to worry about over-preparing for unexpected maintenance and breakdowns. 

If your work has a need for a large texture sprayer or a portable spray rig like the Kodiak M2, contact the team at American Spray Technologies. 

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Depending on the job requirements and specifications, different finishes and techniques may need to be applied when texturing drywall. To help contractors in the industry better understand the requirements of architects and building owners in order to enhance the satisfaction of the client, the consensus document ‘Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish’ was created by five major trade associations: The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries International (AWCI),the Drywall Finishing Council (DWFC), the Ceilings and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA), the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA), and Gypsum Association (GA). The purpose of the document was to accurately describe the desired finish of walls and ceilings prior to final decoration. This also helped promote competitive job bidding that allows the bidder to consider the correct labor and materials to finish the wall suitably for its final decoration.

To refresh your memory, in this blog, we are going to briefly summarize the different levels of drywall finishing.

Level 0

No taping, finishing, or accessories are required for the job. This level of finish may be useful in temporary construction or whenever the final decoration has been yet to be determined.

Level 1

This level of finishing only requires a single coat with taping set in joint compound on all joints and interior angles. This level is typically specified for jobs in smoke barrier applications, plenum areas above ceilings, in attics, in building service corridors and other areas where the assembly would generally be concealed or in, and other areas not normally open to public view. Although it is not much, there is some degree of sound and smoke control is provided.

Level 2

This level involves a double coating of joint compound over all joints, interior angles, fastener heads, and accessories. This finishing level is commonly used for non-finished areas and areas where gypsum panel products are used as a substrate for tile. Examples of application locations include warehouse storage, garages, and other similar areas where surface appearance is not a concern.

Level 3

This finish requires that all joints and interior angles have tape embedded in joint compound with one thin coat applied over them, plus two coats of joint compound on fastener heads and accessories. This results in a smooth, ridge- and mark-free surface that is ideal for residential interiors and similar areas which are to receive medium to heavy texture (spray or hand applied) finishes before the application of paint, or where heavy-grade wall coverings are to be applied as the final decoration. Keep in mind, this finish is not recommended where smooth painted surfaces or light to medium wall coverings are listed as job specifications.

Level 4

Drywall contractors applying this level will have tape embedded in joint compound with two separate coats of joint compound covering all flat joints and one separate coat of joint compound applied over the interior angles. Three coats of joint compound should be applied to fastener heads and other accessories. This level is most common in applications where flat paints, light textures, or wall coverings are to be applied. There are some paints that are not recommended for this finish, including gloss, semi-gloss, and enamel paints.

Level 5

This level requires that all joints and interior angles have tape embedded in joint compound, with and two separate coats of joint compound over all of the flat joints, and one separate coat of joint compound applied over the interior angles. Like level four, all fastener heads and accessories should be covered with three separate coats of joint compound. Also, a thin coat of joint compound needs to be applied to the entire surface. This level is typically recommended where gloss, semi-gloss, enamel, or non-textured flat paints are specified or where severe lighting conditions occur. Out of all the finishes, this is of the highest quality and is the most effective for applying a uniform surface and minimize the possibility of joint photographing and of fasteners showing through the final decoration.

There you have it, the different levels of drywall finishes. These are important to keep in mind, especially for jobs that have certain specifications. While these textures can be applied by hand, it is definitely easier and more efficient to use a texture sprayer.

At American Spray Technologies, our family our texture spray rigs are ideal for drywall contractors that need durability and dependability. All of our texture spray rigs, including the notorious portable texture spray machine, the Kodiak M2, can handle a wide range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths, and heavier coatings with ease. AST drywall texture rigs will reduce your job time and make spraying a breeze with powerful, reliable performance time after time.

If you are interested in figuring out what the best texture spray rig is for your applications, check out our helpful guide. To request a quote for a texture spray rig, contact us!

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As a drywall texturing contractor, the amount of bids you win for projects and the quality of your work plays a significant role in how successful and profitable your business is. When bidding on projects, if you are like many contractors in the industry, you likely will gravitate towards larger commercial construction projects, as long as you have the time, equipment, and resources that is.

While commercial drywall texturing projects can be time-consuming, they tend to always have a higher payoff. In a competitive industry as such, it is crucial that drywall contractors take on profitable projects that will allow them to apply texture quickly without sacrificing craft and workmanship. But, unfortunately with commercial projects, that is easier said than done. As a drywall contractor, if you plan on taking on larger commercial jobs, it is important that you take steps to make your work as effective and efficient as possible.

Time-Saving Commercial Drywall Texturing Tips

Most commercial projects that require drywall texturing will have more than one room. Jobs texturing business offices and complexes, apartment buildings, and other large building structures are certainly going to take some time. For that reason, it is important to do whatever you can to finish the job quickly, but with quality workmanship to increase the chances of bringing in more jobs down the road. Below, check out some time-saving tips that will be helpful when texturing for commercial projects.

Break The Work Into Sections

For commercial buildings that need texturing, especially those with numerous rooms and floors, the job simply cannot be done in one-day with the expected professional results. Rather than trying to tackle the workload all at once, it can help to break the work into different sections. For example, if you are hired to perform texturing inside a four-story apartment building there may be hundreds or rooms or areas that need spraying. To make the work loader, you may consider breaking the work into sections; spraying the first and second floor one day, the third and the fourth the next, and finishing up any other areas as needed. While it may not seem like it, dividing your work load into sections can make the work easier and more efficient, plus it often comes with better results.

Properly Mix Your Drywall Material

Preparing the drywall spray material is a time-consuming process itself. No matter which type of material you are using, you must mix the material and thin it until the proper consistency is attained. Failing to do so will lead to wasted time and less-than-optimal texturing results. To properly mix your material and achieve the right consistency, you must have the proper mixing tools, frequently test the material’s consistency, and mix it frequently. In addition to properly applying the texture, properly mixing the material is just as, if not more, important for the best application results.

Use A Quality Texture Spray Machine

The tools and equipment used in drywall texturing have a significant influence on the quality of work. When it comes to saving time, one of the best pieces of equipment your drywall contracting business can invest in is a quality drywall texture sprayer. Believe it or not, there are a lot of texturing machines out there, all offering different qualities for different applications. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the best texture spray rig for your business. Consider which materials you use most, how many gallons are used for typical applications, and the surfaces you most often spray to get a better idea of which texture spray rig is best for your needs.

For interior jobs, such as spraying inside commercial buildings, having a portable texture spray machine that is compact and easy to move around the job site is a vital component to saving time on jobs. At the same time, however, you want a spray rig that still packs some spraying power. Typically most portable texture sprayers offer one or the other, but never both. The Kodiak texture sprayer from American Spray Technologies has changed that. For the past two decades, the Kodiak Texture Sprayer has been a popular choice for drywall texturing professionals that are in need of a compact, easy to maneuver, texture spray machine. Designed to give you years of reliable performance and features such as increased hopper capacity, durability, and easy clean-up, this portable spray rig can be used for a variety of applications and materials and can help you save time and complete projects quicker.

By following these tips, you should be able to complete larger commercial texturing jobs faster, without sacrificing the quality of work your business has become known for. If you are interested in learning more about the Kodiak M2 spray rig and how it can benefit your business, contact the specialists at American Spray Technologies today!

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