With a diaphragm pump it took up to 2 days to spray, "What I now can do in less than one day...my spray guys are tickled pink with the Kodiak.

- Charlie Powers w/Delta United Specialties Inc

The diaphragm pump takes twice as much time... What takes 4 hours with the diaphragm pump takes us 2 hours with the Kodiak... It will blow your socks off if you let it.

- Don Spranger w/Drywall Associates

You can't keep up with it. Biggest thing was reliability with my other pump. I had to rebuild it 2 to 3 times. With the Kodiak I have spent $20.00 for a switch over 6 years.

- Robert Dodd

I don't have to use stilts anymore since I switched to the Kodiak and my production went from spraying two apartments per day to 4 apartments per day.

- Thomas Ealum w/Thomas Ealum Drywall

I could spray 4 units in 2 hours 35 minutes with the [Competitor Brand] and now I spray 4 units in 1 hour and 20 minutes with the Kodiak.

- Dave Evans w/Evans Drywall Inc

I have used my Kodiak spray rig several times now and can not believe the power and beautiful pattern it puts out. Their is no other machine like it and I have used several. Thanks a lot, Troy.

- Troy Sanders w/TLS Drywall

Its hard to imagine a portable that sprays as well as the Kodiak does, unbelievable.

- Scott Stocke w/Stocke Drywall & Plaster

Great machine, love it! Have 2 Kodiaks. Thanks!

- Joel Coffman w/Walter Coffman Inc

When we needed something for remote sights AST provides. The Kodiak is incredible. They just keep going and going. I purchased 4 more for my friends.

- Roger Bjelland w/The Drywall Company

If I get these bids I am probably going to get 1 if not 2 more Kodiaks. It's a great solution to the Big Rig. If you can't afford a Big Rig then invest in the Kodiak.

- Deon Artiaga w/Diamond Oak Industries

This machine is super! It is awesome! It did what they said it would do. I turned it all the way up & could not keep up with it.

- Edward Grant w/Grand Drywall

The Kodiak exceeded all of my expectations. I was blown away when I started spraying with it.

- Scott Emmons w/JS Drywall

Kodiak speed and volume are excellent. If I had to rate the diaphragm pump & Kodiak on reliability scale from 1-10, I would give the diaphragm a 5 and the Kodiak a 10.

- Ray Edwards w/Drywall Dimensions

Anybody that doesn't believe it will do the job-just try it.

- Fred Smith w/Fred Smith & Son Drywall

Sprays like a Big Rig would spray." "Perfect for winter conditions.

- Lee Konev w/Konev Renovations

The Kodiak sprays a nice, even pattern.

- Pete Paquette w/Obrien Construction

It will put out the big tacos!

- Rick Merriman w/M & M Ceilings

Communication with American Spray was great! I was so fed up with my previous machine.

- Jay Anderson w/Anderson Drywall

Sprayed 12 houses in 3 days with the Kodiak, it sprays just like a big rig would spray.

- Angel Chavez w/Unique Drywall

The machine is awesome and it beat my expectations in performance and pumping the heavy mud, it did the job.

- Thompson Brothers Drywall

What I can now do in 3 hours with the Kodiak took 7 hours with the diaphragm pump! I should have bought the Kodiak years ago!

- Howard Smiling w/Hanging Tuff Construction Drywall

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