Why AST?

We want to build customers for life. To succeed at this we have to stay focused on the long term. Our equipment is designed to last and provide years of profitable use. Very little effort is required by you to maintain this equipment so you can spend your time spraying, or better yet doing something fun, instead of working on your machine.

We make only hydraulic controlled spray rigs, which provide infinite control of mixing speed and pump speed at your finger tips. This makes mixing a snap and adjusting your spray pattern easy. There are no transmissions or clutches to hassle with. That’s not the only good news: the cost of maintenance for our hydraulic machines is a fraction of the cost of mechanical machines. Customers that switch to our hydraulic machines love the ease of use and low maintenance.

We lower your cost through INNOVATION



Features of AST Rigs

AST Butterfly Valve

Optional Butterfly Valve

This is quite possibly the most significant improvement in stator tube pump technology in years. It is our butterfly valve pump housing. You can service your drywall texture pump without having to manually stuff your texture tank drain hole. Simply close the built-in valve on the pump housing and you can remove the stator tube without any hassles. No longer do you need to clean up a major mess after servicing your texture pump. You can even do this at the job site without contractor complaints.

AST Texture Strainer

Texture Strainer

A stainless steel texture strainer is standard on all of our rigs. This feature strains the mud to catch lumps before they can be sprayed on the wall. General contractors and home buyers want smooth patterns and you don’t want to deal with complaints and rework.

AST Hose


Our material hose is high performance and rated at 3200lb burst so you won’t have to deal with the safety risks and mess of a bursting hose full of mud. Most other brands sell their rigs with low pressure material hose designed for air line, but the benefits of high quality hose are too important to cut corners.

AST Spray Guns

Spray Guns

Our rigs come with American Spray’s special pole gun with hardened steel tips that last longer and require less air so you can get better spray patterns.

AST Wheels and Axles

Low Maintenance Wheels and Axles

Our axles have Independent suspension Torsion arms with no springs. These are high end axles. You will never have to fix broken springs or shackles again. All rigs are equipped with bearing buddies that allow you to service the axle bearings with out removing the wheels.

AST Tow Chains and Hooks

Attention to Detail

Tow chains and hooks are heavy duty and come with spring loaded safety clips to keep the chain attached to the tow vehicle. It’s a small thing but it makes a big difference when you deal with it every day. Wire connections are made with heat shrink connectors and secured with heat shrink tubing. These connections will handle the vibrations of a spray rig. It will be a very long time before you have to deal with broken connectors or tow chains.

AST Tanks

Stainless Tanks

Our tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles are stainless steel so you do not have to deal with rust in your mud. The paddles are a solid stainless steel welded construction and won’t break like aluminum paddles and come with heavy duty adjustable tank wipers. Our tanks are welded inside and out to handle the vibration and flexing that occurs when mixing and towing.

AST Tube Frames

Heavy Duty Construction

Our tube frame welded construction is designed to handle heavy loads so you can tow with mud in the tank. You will not find that on other machines. Our frame doubles as the air tank. All air tank frame welds are air pressure tested to verify quality welds. It takes longer to make a tubular steel frame, but it is the best and that’s why we do it. Motor plates are 3/8” thick steel to handle the vibrations of a hard working spray rig. You will not see the benefits of this until you have owned the rig for 5 or ten years, when other rigs crack and fail, yours will keep on working.

Other Features of AST Rigs

Other Features and Benefits of AST Big Rigs

  • For some rigs an oil change is a major effort. We made our filters and drain plugs easy to get to so you don’t have to dread the day your service is due.
  • Clutch and transmission failures are common. We have eliminated the need for clutches and transmissions thereby eliminating the need for you to service or repair them.
  • Rigs that use pins in their pump drives often fail and send the broken parts through the pump and damage the stator tube. We eliminated the need for pins in our design resulting in less need for maintenance.
  • Wheel bearings fail because they are too hard to service. We have bearing buddies on all trailers for easy service.
  • In a wet environment metal and welds rust quickly so we powder coat paint our rigs at 300 degrees. You will not have to paint your rig for a long time.
  • Many mixing tank designs have bearings that are bolted directly to the tank side and if a seal fails the mud leaks into the bearing causing the bearing to freeze. We separate our bearings from the tank wall avoiding this problem.
  • Oil filters and drains are easy to reach. You can service this machine in minutes. Our hydraulic system has two filters to keep the oil clean. One is permanent and the other is replaceable.

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