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AST Electric Texture Machine

Our electric power hydraulic control spray equipment for manufactured housing plants are modular. You can order your machine to meet your specific needs. If factory air is available, you may not require a compressor. We offer trailer, skid and castor mount versions. The castor version is heavy duty and can be easily wheeled around on asphalt or cement floors. Also offered are single tank, split tank (200, 270, and 350 only) and a special double pump version that is designed to support two spray operators at the same time.

Easy factory setup – Installation is a snap. Each unit comes with a motor starter control box. Connect your power line and you are ready to spray.

100 gallon electric


150 gallon electric


150 gallon electric


350 gallon electric




Standard Features

The Electric models have all the best features including:

  • Available in 100, 150, 200, 270 and 350 gallon sizes
  • For 100: 7.5HP 3-phase 220 or 440 VAC electric motor and no compressor
  • For 150, 200, 270 and 350: 15HP electric motor and no compressor
  • Single tank
  • 125’ hose set with pole gun with air control pump switch
  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles
  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads
  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips
  • 2L4 high performance pump
  • Stainless steel texture strainer
  • High performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst
  • Upgraded motor and compressor (see below for configurations)
  • Electric pump switch
  • Binks gun
  • Flex pole gun
  • Long pole gun
  • Longer hose set
  • Split tank (not available in 100 or 150 gallon models)
  • HD Butterfly valve pump (Video: HD Pump)
The motor starter control box includes:
  • Main line switch
  • Line fuses
  • Overload protection
  • Start/stop buttons
  • Control circuit transformer

Engine and Compressor Configurations

For 100 gallon electric rigs
Motor Compressor
Standard 7.5hp 3-phase 220 or 440 VAC Electric Motor No Compressor
Option A 7.5hp 3-phase 220 or 440 VAC Electric Motor 13 CFM Compressor


For 150 and 200 gallon electric rigs
Motor Compressor
Standard 15HP Electric Motor No Compressor
For 270 and 350 gallon electric rigs
Motor Compressor
Standard 15hp Electric Motor No Compressor
Option A 25hp Electric Motor 23 CFM Compressor
Option B 25hp Electric Motor 35 CFM Compressor


Size and Weight Specifications

Size Length Width Height (closed) Height (open)
100 78” 32” 47” 67”
150 81” 49” 49” 69”
Figures are approximate and subject to change.

Has been the most dependable spray rig.

- Don Watson w/Watson Drywall

Much easier and user friendly machine than what I had.

- Denny Bergman w/DAB Inc

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