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High Quality Texture Machines for Drywall Contractors

American Spray Technologies is a relationship type of business. We focus on long-term relationships and strive to build customers for life. At the core of this relationship, of course, is our texture sprayers.

But the relationship doesn’t actually start with a texture machine. Even before you buy from us, we strive to understand your needs. Most contractors come to us with one of three things in mind:

  1. Service. They want to work with a company that offers excellent support and advice. We want to understand your business model and set you up with the perfect texture machine for your needs.
  2. Quality. Many contractors come to us because they’re fed-up with low quality equipment that has reliability issues. This equipment costs them time and money. Our texture machines are the most reliable on the market, with time saving cleaning and maintenance features.
  3. Price. Price factors into ROI. American Spray Technologies offers the best overall value in the market by maintaining competitive pricing on texture machines of unsurpassed quality.

The first thing you’ll experience with us is our excellent service. We invite you to download our free catalog so you can familiarize yourself with our texture machines.

In addition, check us out on YouTube. We have videos that show our texture machines in use doing a variety of spraying jobs, and also offer maintenance and cleaning tips that will save you time on every job.

Increasing Your Profits and Saving You Time

American Spray Technologies realizes that the bottom line for drywall sprayers is the same as it is for all contractors. Your business must be profitable.

Once you have the connections that bring you consistent work, a lot of that profitability ties into efficiency. When you can arrive on a job site and execute the work without your texture machine breaking down, it’s a huge advantage. When your cleaning and general maintenance are fast and simple, you move through jobs with high levels of efficiency.

At American Spray Technologies, our spray rigs are all hydraulic controlled. This puts infinite control of mixing and pump speed right at your fingertips. Mixing is far easier with this system and adjusting spray patterns couldn’t be more simple.

With no transmission or clutches to deal with, the cost of maintenance for our hydraulic machines is a fraction of the cost of mechanical machines.

Customers that switch to our hydraulic texture machines are thrilled by the low maintenance costs – for one. But that’s not the only thing.

We imagine you have a life that goes beyond your contracting business. You’d like to finish up a job and get back to your family. You want time to fish, exercise, and enjoy time with friends. That’s a type of profit as well, and one we don’t overlook.

Choosing the Right Texture Machine for Your Business

One of the most important considerations for drywall spray contractors is getting the right texture machine for your business needs. This is often easier said than done.

There are many considerations. If you’re an experienced contractor, you probably have a good idea of what you need. If you’re looking to break into the spraying business, you may need more guidance.

Whatever your needs, American Spray Technologies has the texture machine you need. Our offers include:

We also offer a selection of used drywall machines and texture machines (availability is limited as used texture machines are hard to come by).

If you’re confused about what type of rig will work for you, it’s time to take advantage of our professional customer service. We’ll analyze your business to help you get the best rig for your needs. Contact us, and we’ll discuss:

  • The type of business you have as it relates to the jobs you typically do. Established contractors who do large commercial jobs have different needs from newcomers just breaking into the residential market.
  • Where you work. The conditions you typically work in will have an impact on the type of rig you get.
  • Your current vehicles. If you have a large enclosed truck or trailer, you have more options than someone operating out of the back of a pick-up.
  • Budget. We consider your budget and help you make a smart investment that will help you grow your business and maintain strong profit margins.

Getting the right texture machine is vital to the health of your business. At American Spray Technologies, we have the options available for every type of business.

Features of American Spray Technologies Texture Machines

Here is a brief overview of the innovative features included with our rigs.

  • Optional Butterfly Valve – Lets you service your texture pump without having to manually stuff your texture tank drain hole. Saves time because you don’t have to clean up after servicing your pump; you can even do this job on site.
  • Texture Strainer – This lets you strain mud to eliminate lumps before they’re sprayed on the wall.
  • Clam Shell Enclosures – Provides maximum heat dissipation and easy access with the narrowest power pack on the market.
  • High Pressure Hoses – Our hose material is rated at 800psi operating pressure, which is far beyond what most of our competition uses. Avoiding a costly or even dangerous hose burst is a huge value add.
  • Low Maintenance Wheels & Axles – Your texture machine won’t do you any good if the trailer breaks down on the way to a job. Independent suspension torsion arms with no springs are reliable, durable, and low maintenance.
  • Spray Guns – Our pole guns have hardened steel tips that are durable and give you superior spray patterns.
  • Stainless Tanks – Stainless steel is the only way to go with tanks, lids, hinges and mixing paddles. Heavy duty construction lasts while decreasing vibration and flexing.

Last, you’ll find an attention to detail with American Spray Technologies texture machines that our competition doesn’t match. If we think any element of the design needs to be heavy duty, we get it done. Things like tow chains, hooks, safety clips or wire connections may not seem important – until they fail, and you’re unable to get to the job site. Our frames and welds are bulletproof, giving you years of use with our rigs after others have cracked.

In the end, we know the adage is true. Time is money. With American Spray Technologies, you’ll spend less time on maintenance work like oil changes. Bearings, paint, seals – all these last longer and are easier to maintain on our texture machines.

From the first moment you speak to us to the point you’ve had your rig for over a decade, you’ll find the service and quality we deliver to be second to none. Whether you would do best with our portable Kodiak sprayer, or you’re in need of a big rig, we’ll take care of you through every phase of your texture machine ownership.

Contact us today to learn more, or start by downloading our detailed catalog. We look forward to getting the right texture machine for your business!

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