AST Trailer Mounted Big Rigs

AST Trailer Mounted Texture Machine

AST big rigs are designed to last and provide years of trouble-free use. With a focus on low maintenance parts and ease of use, we have designed our equipment to ensure smooth operation and profitable use.

AST trailer mounted rigs are some of our most popular drywall texture machines for professional contractors. These texture sprayers give you the power to get the job done quickly and a range of tank sizes and options ensure you get the tank capacity and configuration that works best for your business.

150 gallon big rig


200 gallon big rig


270 gallon big rig


 350 gallon big rig


Trailer Mounted Spray Rig
Trailer Mounted Spray Rig
Trailer Mounted Spray Rig


AST texture machines are known for their rugged trailer construction and compact size that make them easy to tow, reducing wear and tear on your vehicle. Our proven hydraulic control system provides infinite control of mixing and pump speeds. Speed control is very important to get the quality drywall texture results that you expect from your spray machine. All AST trailers also comes with electric brakes as a standard trailer feature.

AST drywall texture rigs are optionally equipped with a new state of the art cast pump housing that includes special Max Seals and a Butterfly Valve and Star Drive connecting rod. Max Seals provide protection for the hydraulic motor, the butterfly valve shuts off the flow of texture from the pump and the Star Drive connecting rod lasts up to four times as long as standard square drive parts. Because of these unique design features you will no longer dread servicing your pump because of worries over a big mess. With a turn of the valve the flow of mud from the texture sprayer tank to the pump body is shut off, allowing the rotor and stator to be removed without leaking material on the ground. That saves you time – every time! Video: HD Pump

The cost of financing a drywall texture sprayer is so low that it takes you only a few jobs per month to pay for the investment in your new spray equipment. Learn about financing on our financing page.

You’ll find out for yourself why AST texture sprayers are known nationwide by professional drywall and painting contractors as the best state of the art machines on the market.

Standard Features
  • Available in 150, 200, 270 and 350 gallon sizes
  • Trailer mounted
  • Electric brakes
  • Independent suspension Torsion arm axles
  • On 150 and 200 gallon models: 14” wheels (5 lug) and bearing buddies
  • On 270 gallon model: 15” wheels (6 lug) and bearing buddies
  • On 350 gallon model: 16” wheels (8 lug) and bearing buddies
  • For 150 and 200: 20.5HP Kohler engine and 23 CFM Quincy QT7.5 compressor
  • For 270 and 350: 23.5HP Kohler engine and 23 CFM Quincy QT 7.5 compressor
  • Single tank
  • 125’ hose set with pole gun and air control pump switch
  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles
  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads
  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips
  • 2L4 high performance pump
  • Stainless steel texture strainer
  • High performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst
  • Easy access oil filters
  • Air activated pump
  • Upgraded engine and compressor (see below for configurations)
  • Electric pump switch
  • Binks gun
  • Flex pole gun
  • Long pole gun
  • Longer hose set
  • Split tank (not available in 150 gallon model)
  • Tandem axle (available on 270 and 350 gallon models)
  • HD Butterfly valve pump (Video: HD Pump)

Engine and Compressor Configurations

For 150 and 200 gallon rigs
Engine Compressor
Standard 20.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option A 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option B 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 10 (35 CFM)


For 270 and 350 gallon rigs
Engine Compressor
Standard 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option A 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 10 (35 CFM)


Size and Weight Specifications

Size Tank Capacity Length Width Height Dry Weight
150 148 gal 132” 65” 55” 1800 lbs
200 197 gal 132” 77” 55” 2000 lbs
270 267 gal 149” 81” 67” 2500 lbs
350 354 gal 155” 81” 68” 2800 lbs
Figures are approximate and subject to change.

We are tickled pink with (our texture machine)'s unbelievable, so easy to use and much more consistent than our last machine. It has cut my time down at least 30%! My guys fight over who is going to get to spray with the rig.

- Ron Nolan w/Rodriguez Drywall

With over 25 years of spraying, this rig gives me a new and exciting spraying experience, the quality and ease of spraying makes working enjoyable again.

- Pat Hallet w/ Pat's Drywall

I love of the rig. The platform is twice as big as other rigs. I really enjoy the flex gun and texture strainer. The paint job is superior and the low profile makes it a great rig for towing and going around corners. When it's time for a new rig, it will be another American Spray without a doubt.

- Robert Hammond w/IDS

Best piece of equipment I have ever owned.

- Kurt Rakestraw w/Drywall Assemblies Systems Inc

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