Kodiak M2

Kodiak M2: Power to Pump a Range of Materials

The Kodiak M2 is a versatile machine. The use of a rotor stator pump paired with high-quality hose sets and guns give it the capability to pump a variety of materials with ease. Easy cleanup features include the ability to disassemble the pump without the use of any tools. The entire hopper and pump body come apart in seconds for cleaning at the end of the day.

No matter what materials you spray, the Kodiak M2’s rotor stator pump will give you the most reliable, consistent results you’ve ever seen.


Drywall Mud

The Kodiak M2 pumps all drywall texture muds and the settings can be configured for any type of texture. From light orange peels to heavy knockdowns, the Kodiak is a compact rotor stator texture sprayer that gives you the capability of a big rig in a portable package.


The Kodiak M2 is used by many contractors to spray fireproofing materials such as Monokote® MK-6. Handheld hopper guns are heavy, difficult to operate and require frequent refilling. The Kodiak M2’s hopper has a capacity of 16 gallons so you can spray more material with less refilling. Half the battle when spraying specialty materials is the cleanup. The Kodiak M2’s hopper assembly breaks down in seconds for an easy and successful cleanup.

If you spray fireproofing materials, you owe it to yourself to see if the Kodiak M2 can significantly improve the efficiency of your spray days.

Log home
Log Home Chinking

The chinking machine configuration of the Kodiak M2 is used for pumping log home chinking. The large hopper capacity and the automatic flow of material from the pump make applying chinking between logs much faster and easier than other methods of application and even than with other pumps.

The chinking configuration comes with a specialized 25′ hose set with an electric switch for turning the pump on and off.

EIFS Materials

EIFS materials can be tough to spray because of their coarse nature. Some pumps get clogged or torn up by the rough material being sent through them. The Kodiak M2 has been very successful in the EIFS material tests we have performed because it lacks the small parts and low-flow fittings and hoses that tend to make these materials hard on pumps.

EIFS materials commonly pumped by the Kodiak are Stucco Flex, UltraCrete, DryVit & Sto products.

We tested Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete in this video: Spraying Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete with the Kodiak M2 Portable Texture Sprayer

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Improved Features of the Kodiak M2 Sprayer

Kodiak chinking hopper
CAPACITY – Larger hopper (16 Gallons) is the perfect choice for bigger jobs
Kodiak Acoustic control
DURABILITY – The electronic control box is a watertight, cast aluminum enclosure
Portable Sprayer
EASY CLEANUP – Unique pump housing design makes disassembly & cleanup a breeze


AST Kodiak M2 Design Features

Kodiak Texture Sprayer Controls
You have infinite pump speed control with a turn of the knob. The M2’s electronics are enclosed in a watertight cast aluminum housing. The operational status of the machine is quickly and easily shown with the multi-color LED display.
Kodiak Pump
The Kodiak M2 sprayer is perfect for you if you are tired of compensating for the shortfalls of your current pump. It provides both variable speed control and high pressure, with the capability of generating 300 pounds of pressure. You can pump many thicker slurries that other sprayers can’t handle.
Kodiak M2 Collapsible Handle
The Kodiak is a portable and compact machine. To minimize its size the handle collapses down into the frame. Simply depress the snap buttons to collapse the handle while the Kodiak is being transported or is in storage. Extend the handle to get plenty of leverage to move the machine around.

Easy, No Hassle Cleanup

The larger 16-gallon, high impact hopper is a snap to remove for cleaning and transport. The unique pump housing design allows full access and disassembly by simply flipping two camlocs. It couldn’t get any easier! AST equipment is designed to be easy to clean, low maintenance, and durable so you can get through your jobs in the shortest amount of time.


Easy cleanup features

Kodiak Cleanup Step 1
Step 1: Release camlocs
Kodiak Cleanup Step 2
Step 2 : Slide out pump
Kodiak Cleanup Step 3
Step 3 : Remove connecting drive shaft
Kodiak Cleanup Step 4
Step 4 : Reverse steps to re-assemble
Kodiak Cleanup Step 5
Step 5 : Re-install upper hopper
Kodiak M2 Specifications
Machine weight
(excluding hose and gun)
138 lbs
Weight, 35’ hose and gun 30 lbs
Shipping Weight 196 lbs
Hopper Capacity 16 gal
1.0 hp Gear Motor 110VAC 15 Amp
1.5 hp Gear Motor 220VAC 10 Amp
Figures are approximate and subject to change without notice.
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For drywall mud applications, the Kodiak M2 can be purchased through on of these dealers or direct by phone order by calling or texting 253-833-4342.

Applications other than drywall mud may require a different pump configuration so we recommend contacting us by phone or text at 253-833-4342 to make sure you get the right pump for your application.

You can also submit an information request and we will send you more information about the Kodiak and contact you to start your order if you are ready to purchase.

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