AST Skid Mounted Big Rigs

AST Skid Mounted Texture Machine

Skid mounted big rigs are a great option for professional drywall texture contractors. Contractors choose skid mounted equipment when they want their machine mounted in a box truck or on a flatbed truck. Mounting in a box truck can be beneficial if you work in a cold environment where an enclosed truck can keep the texture tank warm during cold months.

Skid units also provide better protection from the elements and trucks offer more storage options for things like ladders, tools, and bags or boxes of mud. Some contractors take advantage of the extra room in the truck to mount shelving, hooks, or bins which can add a lot of value.

150 gallon skid


200 gallon skid


270 gallon skid


350 gallon skid


Advantages of a Split Skid

AST skid mounted machines come one two separate skids: one for the power pack and one for the tank. This configuration has a lot of advantages. The power pack is separated from the mixing tank allowing the two to be located on opposite sides of a bulk head or separating wall. You can even mount the power pack outside of the enclosed area on the box truck, reducing noise in the box and completely separating the power pack from the tank. This separation keeps the engine and compressor from the dust of the mixing compartment. A clean engine and compressor means less maintenance effort and lower cost!


Installation is a snap. Simply forklift the rig into your box truck or trailer and secure with the bolt down pads making sure they are mounted to structural members. Be sure to run your exhaust outside of the enclosed area. Skid mounted machines come with an installation kit that has everything you need for an install including hose racks, exhaust pipe and hardware.




Standard Features
  • Available in 150, 200, 270 and 350 gallon sizes
  • Skid mounted
  • For 150 and 200: 20.5 HP Kohler engine and 23 CFM Quincy QT7.5 compressor
  • For 270 and 350: 23.5 HP Kohler engine and 23 CFM Quincy QT 7.5 compressor
  • Single tank
  • 125’ hose set with pole gun and air control pump switch
  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles
  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads
  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips
  • 2L4 high performance pump
  • Stainless steel texture strainer
  • High performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst
  • Easy access oil filters
  • Air activated pump
  • Upgraded engine and compressor (see below for configurations)
  • Electric pump switch
  • Binks gun
  • Flex pole gun
  • Long pole gun
  • 7E2 Flex gun
  • Longer hose set
  • Split tank (not available in 150 gallon model)
  • HD Butterfly valve pump (Video: HD Pump)
  • Water washdown
  • Add your logo to the tank

Engine and Compressor Configurations

For 150 and 200 gallon rigs
Engine Compressor
Standard 20.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option A 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option B 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 10 (35 CFM)


For 270 and 350 gallon rigs
Engine Compressor
Standard 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 7.5 (23 CFM)
Option A 23.5 HP Gas Quincy QT 10 (35 CFM)


Size and Weight Specifications

150 Gallon
Size Length Width Height Dry Weight
150 – Single Skid 81” 49” 49” Closed
69” Open
150 – Split Skid (Tank Only) 39” 49” 50” 700 lbs
150 – Split Skid (Power Pack Only) 46” 30” 46” 950 lbs
150 – Split Skid (Tank + Power Pack) 1650 lbs
200 Gallon
Size Length Width Height Dry Weight
200 – Single Skid 81” 61” 49” Closed
69” Open
200 – Split Skid (Tank Only) 39” 61” 50” 850 lbs
200 – Split Skid (Power Pack Only) 46” 30” 46” 950 lbs
200 – Split Skid (Tank + Power Pack) 1800 lbs
270 Gallon
Size Length Width Height Dry Weight
270 – Single Skid 86” 61” 60” Closed
80” Open
270 – Split Skid (Tank Only) 43” 61” 54” 1300 lbs
270 – Split Skid (Power Pack Only) 46” 30” 46” 950 lbs
270 – Split Skid (Tank + Power Pack) 2250 lbs
350 Gallon
Size Length Width Height Dry Weight
350 – Single Skid 88” 61” 61” Closed
81” Open
350 – Split Skid (Tank Only) 49” 61” 61” 1600 lbs
350 – Split Skid (Power Pack Only) 46” 30” 46” 950 lbs
350 – Split Skid (Tank + Power Pack) 2550 lbs
Figures are approximate and subject to change.

Really pleased with spray rig, well built, technology is supreme. I have never seen anything like it before. I would not go with any other spray rig besides AST.

- Carmen Parese w/Custom Drywall Repair

"Some of the best people to talk to and answered every question I had."

- Ronnie Perez w/Perez Drywall:

"Has been the most dependable spray rig."

- Don Watson w/Watson Drywall

"Much easier and user friendly machine than what I had."

- Denny Bergman w/DAB Inc

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