4 Advantages of Using a Texture Spray Rig

The right texture spray rig is an indispensable part of your business. A spray rig allows for fast mixing, easy application, and big economic upside.


Unbeatable Speed

One key benefit of using a texture spray rig is the speed with which you can texture a home or even an apartment building. AST spray rigs use rotor stator pumps, also known as progressive cavity pumps. This style of pump is perfect for drywall mud and it pushes a high volume of material through the hose. Paired with high CFM air compressors, AST machines produce a level of material and air flow that will keep up with you no matter how fast you want to move through the house.

Our portable machine, the Kodiak M2, uses the same rotor stator style pump as the big rigs. The Kodiak uses a smaller version of the pump because the Kodiak M2 utilizes a shorter hose than a big rig, which means it requires less pressure from the pump to push the same pressure at the gun. Paired with your favorite compressor, the Kodiak M2 sprays the same high volume of material and air that the big rig sprays.

Kodiak M2

This means that no matter what AST machine you choose to texture with, you get unbeatable speed without sacrificing the quality of the texture.


Easy Application

Applying texture to walls is an easy process with an AST texture sprayer. AST big rigs have tanks big enough to mix texture for an entire project in one batch. The Kodiak M2 has an industry-leading 16 gallon hopper, making it easy to continually feed it texture without having to stop because the hopper is drained.

You can adjust settings to spray as fast as you want. You can choose different spray guns depending on your preferences and what is most comfortable for you. Choose from a range of tip sizes to get the exact texture you are looking for.

An often-overlooked benefit of having a powerful texture machine is the distance you can be from the wall while still applying a quality texture. AST texture sprayers pump with enough pressure that you can stand back from the wall and spray instead of being right up close. This allows you to spray more while moving less, creating more even coverage and a smoother, more consistent method of spraying.



Perfect Execution

As a texture sprayer operator, you are a craftsman. When you master the use of your texture sprayer, it will be a powerful tool in your hands. You will be able to produce any kind of texture, quickly, and with confidence. AST big rigs and the Kodiak M2 will give you the ability to produce professional-level results. You will be able to take on bigger jobs. You will be able to take on more jobs. The right texture sprayer can give you a boost on your journey to mastering your craft.


Economic Upside

A fourth advantage of using a texture spray rig is the economic upside you get when using one. In the contracting world, time is money. And the efficiency of texturing equipment certainly saves you time. Spray rigs are an investment and it doesn’t take long to start earning a big return on that investment.

There are so many ways a spray rig saves you time and money. Consider the ways mentioned above: mixing and spraying are faster and more efficient. In addition, AST spray rigs are built for reliability and easy maintenance, saving you overhead time. Finishing jobs faster gets you to the next job faster. Producing quality results leads to higher demand for your services.

The right equipment becomes the centerpiece of your business and creates a snowball effect of positive benefits.


Spray rigs are essential pieces of equipment for any drywall contractor. Rotor stator style pumps like the ones used on AST big rigs and the Kodiak M2 are second to none when it comes to pumping drywall material. You get a return on your investment from the first time you spray using one of these machines.

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