AST’s Visit to West Coast Drywall & Paint

In June 2022, AST took a trip to Riverside, California to visit West Coast Drywall and Paint. West Coast’s fleet consists of 10 spray rigs, many of which are in action daily.

Texture Spray Machine Fleet

West Coast’s rigs are 420 and 500 gallon diesel-powered rigs. There are two things that make this configuration desirable:

  1. These larger spray rigs can push more material. This allows the sprayer to spray a house extremely quickly. The experienced sprayers on West Coast’s crews are experts at moving through a house as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of the work.
  2. The second draw is the size of the tank. Big tanks mean you can mix for multiple homes in a single batch. With each crew spraying multiple homes each day, the large tank size is vital for efficiency. On the day we visited, the first crew we saw sprayed two homes in a matter of a couple hours and was off to another job site to spray two more.

Some of the rigs are truck mounted. An advantage to this configuration is it allows for ample storage on the flatbed. As you might imagine, to mix 500 gallons of texture requires quite a few bags of texture! The large storage capacity on the trucks helps get the material to the job site for mixing.

The Importance of Reliability
Why West Coast Drywall Uses AST Texture Machines

Milo Reviews AST Spray Rigs for Big Texturing Operations

At the drywall texturing stage of a project, the house is getting close to completion. One of the very next steps after texturing is installing cabinets. Because of the strict nature of the scheduling for cabinet delivery and installation, it is important for West Coast to be able to complete their texturing on schedule.

Choosing reliable spray rigs is one way that West Coast hedges against delays due to breakdowns and repairs. Erik Marquez, the Fleet Manager for the company, noted that AST stator tubes seem to last longer than others they have used. Milo Way, an Operations Manager, commented on AST’s drive system and its improved design and reliability over competitor drive systems.

It’s these details that contribute to West Coast’s ability to get a large volume of work done on time consistently.

Texture Machine

Another point that Erik made is that AST’s customer service has been readily available and helpful for them throughout the years. They are quick to answer questions, ship parts, and help with any issues that arise along the way. AST’s customer service has been a valuable resource.

Spraying a House

West Coast keeps it simple when it comes to texturing a house. Once the house is ready to go and the texture is mixed, similarly to most crews using an AST spray rig, one person sprays the home while the other manages the hose.

The first house we saw sprayed was a single-story, single-family home. The crew sprayed it in about 45 minutes. After that they moved next door to spray a two-story, single-family home. All in all, they were done with both houses and ready to move on in about two hours.

Spraying a garage

Performance, Reliability, Customer Service

West Coast Drywall covers a large portion of Southern California and sprays a huge volume of homes and apartments.

Performance, reliability, and customer service are amongst the most important ways that AST spray rigs help West Coast put up quality texture while staying on schedule and finishing a high volume of homes.

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