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Everyone has preferences when it comes to how they want their spray rig and hose set configured. Sometimes it’s just what you’re used to. Other times the setup is built for a certain type of work, like a longer hose for reaching into apartments.

Even so, there are certain products and configurations that are well-loved by most AST customers. Here are some of the customer favorites:

Whip hose set
Whip Hose Sets

Whip hoses have a smaller diameter than the standard hose in a spray rig hose set. They are more flexible and lighter, making them easier on your body while you spray.

Air Switch Whip Hose Set

Electric Switch Whip Hose Set

High Capacity Fuel Tank

The High Capacity Fuel Tank is an option for AST trailer-mounted spray rigs. It comes with:

  • 20% larger capacity
  • Steel construction
  • Added gas gauge
  • Longer filler neck for easier refueling

This tank can be retrofit on most rigs built after 2016. See the Retrofit Kit product page for more details.

High Capacity Fuel Tank Retrofit Kit

High capacity fuel tank
Binks Gun
Binks Gun

The Binks 7E2 gun is a popular option for hose sets. This is a pistol grip style gun that contractors like because it only requires one hand to use and it is comfortable to hold and aim.

Binks Guns and Parts

Flex Gun

The AST Flex Gun is another popular gun option. This gun is unique in that it has a flexible shaft and rotating head and bracket. You can easily manipulate this gun to point it in different directions, which is especially convenient in small spaces like closets and bathrooms.

Air Switch Flex Gun

Electric Switch Flex Gun

Flex gun
HD Pump
HD Pump

The HD Pump option is considered a “must-have” by most contractors buying a spray rig. The connecting components in HD Pumps last up to 4 times longer than in standard pumps. The HD Pump also includes MAX seals. Lastly, a butterfly valve is included to shut off the flow of mud from the tank to the pump so you can service your pump even if your tank is full of mud.

See a video about the HD Pump


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