Highlighting the AST 150 and 200 Gallon Big Rigs

Our 150 and 200 gallon trailer-mounted big rigs are some of our most popular products. For a lot of contractors, this capacity is plenty to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently without having to mix multiple batches of mud. Every last detail on these machines has been thought through and refined and tested and tweaked and tested again. You will notice these details, some big and some small, as you start to use your new AST rig. Here are some of our favorites that you’ll find on our 150 and 200 gallon rigs:

Performance Spraying

When it comes down to it, your spray rigs job is to spray and a high performance pump system is the most important part of the machine. We use rotor stator pumps on our big rigs as they continually prove to be the highest performing pumps for spraying drywall mud. Both our rotors and stators are custom made and tested to ensure uncompromising performance.

Compact and Easy to Tow

You have a lot going on. The last thing you need is to deal with a bulky trailer that makes driving around from job to job an unpleasant experience. Our trailers are low-profile and built for towability so you can keep your focus on what matters.

AST 200
Butterfly Valve Pump Option

What happened the last time you had a pump failure with a tank full of mud? Everyone has a different answer and while some of the more creative solutions are fun to hear about, stuffing a rag into the tank drain hole to stop the mud from flowing out isn’t exactly an elegant way to spend your time.

The butterfly valve pump cuts off the flow of mud from the tank with a simple turn of a wrench. No messes, no clean up. The butterfly valve is part of the HD pump package. Click the link to learn more:

Watch a video on the butterfly valve pump

Durable Construction

Steel! It’s tough and lasts a long time. Our tubular steel frames are the most durable way to construct a trailer frame. Sure, tubular frames take a bit longer to build, but when we see 10, 15, or even 20+ year old rigs around, we can smile knowing that the frame is still solid and roadworthy.

Bonus: Our frames double as the air tank, eliminating the need for a cylindrical air tank and reducing bulk on your machine.

Durable construction

Anyone that has worked with an AST machine can tell you that the attention to detail that goes into them reduces time spent on headaches like repairs and maintenance and frees up time for hassle-free spraying and leading a quality life at work.

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