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AST has been around since 1969. We have a long history of providing drywall contractors with high quality texturing equipment that is outfitted with the options that suit each particular contractor.

An AST spray rig helps you to expand your capacity and get more done with fewer labor hours. Our post-purchase support minimizes your downtime and gets you back spraying in a jiffy.

Trailer spray rig
Skid spray rig
Big Rigs

Our Big Rig product line has been around for decades. Throughout the years, we’ve kept the best parts of the line the same: Durable materials, heavy-duty construction, high pressure hoses. You get the idea.

At the same time, we’ve done away with old technology and adopted cutting edge design and tech to make life easier for you, inventing when necessary: the HD pump body, a fine-tuned rotor/stator combo, trailer brakes on every trailer, to name a few.

Kodiak M2
Kodiak Portable Texture Sprayer

For some contractors, a Big Rig isn’t the right answer. We offer a smaller, portable unit called the Kodiak M2. The Kodiak has a 16 gallon hopper and uses the same rotor/stator system as the Big Rigs, just a smaller version. Since the Kodiak doesn’t require as much hose as a Big Rig (because it is portable and can be brought inside), less pressure is required and you can achieve the same results and efficiency with this smaller pump system as you can with a Big Rig.

This unit works wonders for contractors working in high rises, remodelers, contractors who work on smaller projects, and those that are not ready to make the step up to a Big Rig yet. Its uses are also diverse. It can spray texture, cementitious materials, fireproofing, and chinking materials for log homes. More info.

Get the answers you need from a real human

We know how important customer service is to you. At AST, we have no machines for you to talk to. Call us and you’ll get Bill, Ed, Curtis, or Sherri. We’ll get you the answers you need.

Other ways of connecting with us:

Sprayers and Compressors
More than just texture sprayers

We sell the full line of Titan airless sprayers and can hook you up with the right compressor or generator from Mi-T-M. Unsure about what you need? We can help you figure out the right product for you.

Post-Purchase Support

Our relationship doesn’t end when you receive your equipment. You may have questions about maintenance, need some parts, or want to spray a new pattern with your machine. Give us a call to talk to someone, or take advantage of these additional resources to get the answers you need:

Making sure you are happy every step of the way is what makes our jobs fulfilling. When it’s time for new equipment, let us show you how AST can work for you.




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