Product Spotlight: HD Pump

If you have used a big rig before, you are probably very familiar with the pump. If you’ve been spraying long enough, you probably have experience with replacing pump parts or having them replaced for you.

Pump maintenance is a reality of using a big rig and at AST we always strive to improve the longevity and ease of maintenance of our pumps. The HD pump is an option we offer that is the result of this work. The majority of customers choose to upgrade to the HD pump and here’s why:

It is longer lasting

The HD pump includes our star drive system which replaces the square drive system that is the standard in the industry. The hydraulic motor, connecting rod, and rotor are all converted to star drive with the HD pump option and this system has been shown to last about 4 times longer than traditional square drive systems before needing to replace parts.

It is easier to maintain

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a job and needed to work on your pump while the tank is full of mud, you know that it’s a challenge. You have to either drain the tank or risk creating a huge mess as you work on the pump.

The butterfly valve pump body solves this problem. A simple turn of a wrench closes a valve and shuts off the flow of mud from the tank. You are then free to replace any components necessary before opening the valve back up and continuing to spray. Simple!

It is better protected

The third upgrade that comes with the HD pump is Max Seals. These sit between the hydraulic motor and the pump housing, where mud is flowing constantly. They provide an additional layer of protection for your hydraulic motor, ensuring it lasts longer and is better protected from mud and other debris.

Watch a Video Overview

We have a short video that goes over the HD pump. Give it a watch if you want to see how easy it is to close the butterfly valve.

The HD pump is one of the biggest improvements to texture spray rigs in the past few decades. Any one of the upgraded parts is a significant improvement to your pump and when you combine all three, you get the finest drywall pump available today.

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