Product Spotlight: Kodiak M2

Back in the 1990s, a contractor in Alaska contacted us needing big rig performance in a package that could fit in a small bush plane. We went to work on a solution and soon the Kodiak was in production. It worked for our friends in Alaska and it has worked for thousands of contractors since then.


What do our customers think of the Kodiak? We commonly get feedback like this:

The Kodiak texture machine is an awesome tool. It outperforms any of the peristaltic pumps we’ve used in the past. It’s easy to set up, run and maintain…” – Brandon Lang

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Here are some reasons our customers love the Kodiak:

Rapid Spraying

The Kodiak is effective at spraying huge square footage and it does it quickly. It plugs into a wall outlet and can be moved around with ease, making it the ideal choice for anything from single family homes to massive apartment buildings.

Drywall Repairs

You don’t need to have a full day of spraying ahead of you to make the Kodiak worth bringing along. Quick set up and clean up times mean you can use the Kodiak on something as small as drywall repairs.

Bonus: Since you’re using the same machine to repair as you are to spray full homes, matching patterns is no problem at all.


Sometimes it’s easier to get the idea if you can see for yourself. We have a video library with spraying footage, how-to’s, and testimonials for the Kodiak.

Video Library

YouTube Channel


The catalog of materials that the Kodiak can spray is extensive. Some of the most popular are:

  • Drywall mud
  • Fireproofing
  • Log home chinking
  • Cementitious materials

If you have a unique material you’ve been trying to spray, it’s likely we’ve tested it in the Kodiak and we’d be happy to discuss the results. And if the Kodiak hasn’t sprayed it, we can test your material in our shop.


The Kodiak’s unique ability to spray as effectively as a trailer or skid mounted big rig makes it the solution for thousands of contractors that need big rig performance in a portable unit. It uses the same guns, the same tips, and has the same capability as our big rigs. Whether you are looking to break into the spraying business or you are wanting to make your current business more efficient, it’s worth finding out more about what the Kodiak M2 could do for you.

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