Spray Rig Options: Power Pack

What power pack build is best for you?

AST offers three power pack configurations for gas-powered big rigs. The three options are different combinations of the engine and compressor options.

Not sure if you need to upgrade to the bigger engine or compressor? Keep reading to find out why you may want to.


What’s available?

20.5 HP Engine
23 CFM Compressor

Standard on 150/200

23.5 HP Engine
23 CFM Compressor

Standard on 270/350
Option for 150/200

23.5 HP Engine
35 CFM Compressor

Option for 150/200/270/350


Why upgrade?
If you need more CFM

The 35 CFM compressor gives your spray rig more capability. More CFM means you can spray faster or spray finer patterns. Having the option to put more air to the gun gives you more flexibility in how you will spray.

Note: Upgrading to the 35 CFM compressor requires upgrading to the 23.5 HP engine because the bigger compressor requires more power to operate.

If you live at a higher elevation

As you go higher in elevation the air becomes less dense. This change causes lower performance in engines. Upgrading to the 23.5 HP engine in places like Denver can help compensate for this decrease in performance.

If you want a 270 or 350 gallon rig

270 and 350 gallon rigs require the 23.5 HP engine because spinning the mixing paddles with that amount of material in the tank requires more power than the 20.5 HP engine provides.

Since 270s and 350s come standard with the bigger engine, upgrading to the 3rd power pack option only requires upgrading the compressor.

The best power pack for your big rig will depend on what kind of texture you are spraying and how fast you want to spray it, how much texture you are planning to mix and where you will operate your equipment. If you are still not sure about whether or not to upgrade your rig, contact us at 877-833-4342 and we will be happy to discuss your application.

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