Spray Rig Options: Spray Guns

Which spray gun is best for you?

AST offers a variety of options for texture guns to put on the end of your hose set. Each one has its unique benefits, so let’s go over each one and learn why you might choose one over the other.

Note: The air switch versions of the guns are shown in the photos, but each of these guns is also available with an electric switch.

AST Short Pole Gun

The Short Pole Gun is standard equipment on spray rigs. It is tried and true and the most common texture gun. It is versatile enough to get all your spraying done and the 6 tip size options give you the ability to spray any texture you need to.

Best for: Durability, versatility, control

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AST Flex Gun

The Flex Gun has swivel fittings at the head and the bracket and a flexible shaft. The flex guns excels in tight spaces like closets, hallways, and bathrooms where you can rotate the head and bend the shaft to hit those hard-to-reach areas. The tradeoff is that two hands are often required for complete control of this gun.

Video: AST Flex Gun

Best for: Small spaces, flexibility

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AST Long Pole Gun

The Long Pole Gun is the exact same as the Short Pole Gun but with a shaft that is about 16″ longer. This gun is used to enhance reach and is great if you spray a lot of higher ceilings or need that extra length to get as close to the wall or ceiling as you’d like. The trade-off is that you have a larger gun to manage, even when you aren’t spraying those high ceilings.

Best for: Enhanced reach, spraying high ceilings

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Binks 7E2 Gun

Some customers prefer pistol-grip style spray guns. If that’s you, the Binks 7E2 Gun is for you! The 7E2 Gun is more expensive than the Pole Gun options, but it also comes with more tip options including fan patterns.

Video: 7E2 Gun in Action

Best for: More tip options, customers who prefer pistol-grip style spray guns

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7E2 Flex Gun

The 7E2 Flex Gun is a hybrid of the Binks 7E2 Gun and the AST Flex Gun. It has the benefits of the Flex Gun, like swivel fittings and a flexible shaft so you can get into tight spaces easier and it utilizes the 7E2 Gun head so you can use tips that fit the 7E2 gun.

This is a good option if you want a Flex Gun but already have a collection of tips that fit the 7E2 gun or you need to spray fan patterns instead of round patterns.

Best for: Small spaces, more tip options

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Hopefully this has given you enough insight into the texture guns that you know what to pick when Gun Type comes up on your quote request! Of course, we are happy to answer any questions you have via phone at 877-833-4342 or you can text us at 253-833-4342.




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