The Benefits of AST Split Skid Texture Machines

When using Build A Rig on our website to request a quote, you can choose between a trailer or a skid mounted machine. A split skid machine comes as two separate skids: one skid contains the tank and pump and the other skid contains the power pack which consists of the engine and compressor. Here are some advantages of the split skid design:


Tanks mounted inside box trucks are protected from the elements, especially colder weather. In cold weather environments, keeping your drywall mud from freezing is important and box trucks are perfect for the job in areas that experience cold weather.


Skids can be mounted in box trucks or on flatbed trucks. For contractors carrying tools and ladders and drywall mud, the extra storage space afforded by these trucks is convenient.

Exterior power pack

Since there are two skids in the split skid option, the tank and pump can be mounted inside the truck while the engine and compressor are mounted outside (shown to the left).

Alternatively, they can both be mounted inside but partitioned by a wall inside the truck. Mixing drywall mud is dusty business and keeping the engine and compressor away from the dust will extend their life and keep them running smoothly.

Skid mounted machines come with everything you need to get the rig installed on a truck including hose racks, exhaust pipes, and install hardware.

Build A Rig is a quick way to request a quote and get more information about how a split skid machine could improve your texturing business!



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