The High Capacity Fuel Tank Option for Trailer Mounted Spray Rigs

The High Capacity Fuel Tank is an option that is available for trailer mounted spray rigs.


Here are the highlights of this option:

  • 10 gallon capacity
  • Additional runtime before filling up
  • Added gas gauge
  • Taller filler neck
  • Metal tank
  • Can be retrofit to most trailer mounted rigs created after 2016


High Capacity

The HC fuel tank has a capacity of 10 gallons, 25% larger than the standard 8 gallon tank. That extra capacity will get you over an hour of additional runtime before needing to refill your gas tank.

Easy View Gas Gauge

Check your gas level with a glance at the bright red indicator at the top of the deck lid.

Easy Access Filler Neck

The filler neck for the high capacity tank extends two inches above the deck lid, making it easier to access and refuel.

100% Steel

The 100% steel construction of the high capacity tank gives it maximum durability and ensures longevity.

Retrofit Applications

The HC fuel tank can be retrofit onto most rigs created after 2016.

If your rig has a white fuel tank mounted on the front of the deck lid (as opposed to a red tank attached to the rear side of the deck lid), you can retrofit the HC fuel tank onto your rig.

To request a quote for a rig that includes the High Capacity Fuel Tank, head over to Build A Rig and select “Yes” when asked about this option.

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