Top 3 Spray Rig Options

When it comes to buying a spray rig, it is probably obvious that you will need to decide what size tank you want. You will also need to decide on a power pack, which consists of your engine and compressor. A third essential choice is your hose set specifications.

These are all important decisions, but they are not the only options available. There are a few less obvious options that have become customer favorites. Here are three options that are very popular:

High Capacity Fuel Tank
High Capacity Fuel Tank

While this package is called the High Capacity Fuel Tank, the capacity isn’t the only difference. When you upgrade to this option, you get:

  • 10 gallon tank, 20% larger than the standard fuel tank
  • Over an hour of additional runtime over the standard tank
  • Steel tank
  • Longer filler neck that extends above the deck lid for easier refueling
  • Gas gauge

The High Capacity Fuel Tank can be retrofit on most rigs created after 2016. To determine if you can retrofit the tank on your rig, look at the location of your current fuel tank. If your tank has the white fuel tank mounted on the front of the deck lid (close to the tank), you can retrofit the High Capacity Fuel Tank. If your rig has the red fuel tank mounted on the back of the deck lid (above the engine), you cannot retrofit the High Capacity Fuel Tank.

Heavy Duty Pump

This option is used on the vast majority of spray rigs. The HD Pump (Video: HD Pump) upgrades three areas of your pump. Any one of these upgrades on its own would make the HD Pump upgrade worth it. Put together, it is difficult to pass over this option.

With the HD Pump you get:

  • MAX Seals, providing additional protection for your pump’s hydraulic motor
  • Star Drive connecting components, which last up to 4 times longer than square drive connecting components
  • Butterfly valve, which can be closed to shut off the flow of mud from the tank to the pump

The butterfly valve is an especially unique feature as it allows you to service your pump with a tank full of mud. You can remove, inspect and, if necessary, replace any drive components without worrying about what’s in your tank.

HD Pump at Job Site
Tandem Axles
Tandem Axles

The tandem axle option is available for 270 and 350 gallon trailer-mounted spray rigs.

Like any other trailer, tandem axles come with a few benefits. If you tow your trailer for long periods of time, you might benefit from a more stable towing experience. Distributing weight to more tires gives you more dampening over bumps in the road.

Another advantage of having four tires is it can be safer if a tire blows out. This isn’t a common occurrence, but if it does happen, having three tires still rolling until you get somewhere safe is better than only having one.

Job sites can have rough terrain and tandem axle trailers handle this rough terrain with ease.

A fourth, nonessential benefit that is still worth considering is the aesthetics of the tandem axle. While aesthetics don’t play a part in the functionality of a trailer, the tandem axle does make spray rig trailers look really neat.

These are some of the options that a lot of contractors consider when purchasing a new spray rig. They are all available as options when you build a rig to request a quote using Build A Rig. If you are interested in getting pricing for a new spray rig, check out Build A Rig by clicking the button below:




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