Trailer vs Skid: Which Platform Will You Choose?

AST offers two platforms for gas-powered spray rigs: Trailer-mounted and skid-mounted.

Neither platform is universally better than the other, but their differences can make them more or less ideal for certain situations. To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at the benefits of each platform.


What’s available?
Trailer Unit
Trailer Unit
Skid Unit
Skid Unit



Let’s compare:

Gas-powered trailer and skid units are both available in 150, 200, 270, and 350 gallon sizes. There is no difference in capacity between the two platforms.

On the move

Getting your machine to and from the job site is an important part of the day. Trailers are built to be compact and maneuverable and can easily be towed with many trucks or even SUVs. Trailers do have the advantage of being independent of the tow vehicle if someone on your crew ever needs to leave the job site while the rest of the crew continues mixing or spraying.

Skid units are usually mounted in box trucks or on flatbed trucks. All you have to do to move a skid unit is start the truck and drive to where you need to go. The advantage here is that you have a dedicated vehicle for your spray rig with plenty of storage inside.

Cold weather environments

This is one case where skids will win every time. In cold weather environments, keeping the machine inside a box truck, especially the tank that houses the mud, can keep it warmer and prevent freezing. This is a big advantage of having a skid unit.

Skids are a favorite among customers in Colorado, Montana, Alaska and other areas that experience colder weather.


There is a slight price reduction for skid units because they do not include the axle, tires, brakes, and towing equipment that trailers require.

On the other hand, you can tow a trailer with the work truck you already have whereas purchasing a skid might require you to purchase a vehicle to mount it on as well.

The total cost will depend on what you have and what you need.

“Some assembly required”

One advantage to trailer units is that they are ready to spray right “out of the box.”

In contrast, skid units need to be mounted in or on a truck before they are ready to head to the job site. Some customers use this opportunity to really customize their setup. Additional shelving, hooks, or bins can add a lot of value.

An installation usually doesn’t take longer than one day, but it is worth considering when making a decision.

AST does offer skid install services. If you have us install the skid in your truck, your skid can be ready to spray right “out of the box,” just like a trailer. Having AST do the install typically only makes sense for local customers.

The construction of trailer and skid units is very similar. We use the same materials and components for each platform, with the exception of things like towing components that are unique to trailers or exhaust pipes that are unique to skids. You are getting legendary AST performance with either platform and while it cannot be said that one is universally better than the other, hopefully this has shed some light on which one is better for YOU!

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