Design Features of the Kodiak M2

When designing the Kodiak M2, we baked the performance of a big rig into a smaller package. The Kodiak uses a smaller version of the same rotor stator style pump that AST big rigs use.

Kodiak M2

The Kodiak runs on 110v power, making it easy to set up wherever you have access to a wall outlet. It can be configured with up to 70 feet of hose so you can access and spray multiple rooms without moving the machine.

The 16 gallon capacity gives you enough material to keep you spraying continuously without interruptions to refill the hopper.


Variable Speed Control

A watertight electric control box includes variable speed control so you can set your pump speed exactly where you want it. Change speeds for different materials, different patterns, or based on how fast you like to spray.

Variable Speed Control
Collapsible Handle

The handle collapses into the Kodiak when not in use, but can be extended at the job site to get more leverage for moving the Kodiak around.

Collapsible Handle
Pump a Variety of Materials

Rotor stator pumps are great for pumping a variety of materials and the Kodiak is no exception. Log home chinking, fireproofing, and EIFS materials are a few examples of other materials that are pumped with the Kodiak.

Learn more about materials the Kodiak sprays.

Pump a Variety of Materials
A Pump That Won’t Bog Down

The Kodiak’s pump produces up to 300 PSI, giving you ample pressure to pump material through the large diameter hose.

Flow Comparison
Easy Cleanup Features

No tools are required to assemble or disassemble the Kodiak M2 pump. This unique design comes apart by simply flipping two camlock levers on the sides of the pump.

This makes maintenance, repair, and cleaning up after each job a quick task. The pump can easily be disassembled for cleaning without the need for extra tools.

Kodiak Cleanup Step 1
Step 1: Release camlocs
Kodiak Cleanup Step 2
Step 2 : Slide out pump
Kodiak Cleanup Step 3
Step 3 : Remove connecting drive shaft
Kodiak Cleanup Step 4
Step 4 : Reverse steps to re-assemble
Kodiak Cleanup Step 5
Step 5 : Re-install upper hopper
Available at Numerous Retailers

The Kodiak can be purchased direct or through these retailers:

See a full list of retailers that sell the Kodiak.




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