A Look at AST’s Product Offerings

In our first blog post of the year, 5 Ways AST Can Help Your Business in 2022, we had a brief look at some of the ways AST can help your business.

In our latest series of blog posts, we are diving deeper into each of the five ways we described. If you want to take a look at our previous two posts:

The third way we posited that AST can help your business is by offering a tool for every job. Let’s take a look at AST’s product offerings to see how we may be able to help you out in a variety of situations:

Buy with Confidence

A large portion of what we offer are pieces of equipment or tools like compressors and airless sprayers. Understanding the differences between these items can be complicated. You may not know exactly what you need or why some items are priced differently than others. Remember that we are always available to answer questions via phone at 877-833-4342 or even by text message at 253-833-4342. We want you to be able to buy with confidence, so don’t hesitate to seek out answers if you have questions.

Parts and Accessories

One of the things that AST sells is accessories and spare parts for spray rigs. Most of these can be found on our website in the parts section. Especially relevant to this discussion is the array of tips and guns that we stock. No matter what type of texture you are wanting to spray or what style of gun you prefer, you can find what you need in our product listings.

We also stock a full inventory of spare parts. If the job at hand is fixing a damaged part on your spray rig or upgrading a component, we have the right part for the job and we can ship it.

Flex guns

Portable Sprayer

The Kodiak M2 is the preferred portable texture sprayer of many drywall contractors.

In fact, the Kodiak M2 is the preferred pump of a lot of contractors, not just drywall contractors.

The Kodiak M2 uses the same rotor stator style pump as AST big rigs. It can spray any type of texture that the big rig can spray. Its 16 gallon hopper holds a large amount of material that can be constantly fed without fear of running low. This is important so you don’t pump air through the system.

So why do non-drywall contractors also like the Kodiak M2? This strong, portable sprayer can pump more than just drywall mud. It can be outfitted to pump chinking for log homes, fireproofing materials, and cementitious materials. The nature of the rotor stator pump gives it capability to pump a variety of different materials.

If you have an obscure material that you need to pump, contact us to see if we’ve tested it in the Kodiak M2.

Compressors and Generators

AST sells the full line of Mi-T-M compressors and generators. Some of them are available online, but we have the full line available by phone order.

Mi-T-M compressors are perfect for pairing with a Kodiak M2 or for powering any job site tools that you use regularly. We sell Mi-T-M tools because Mi-T-M has a similar dedication to quality and craftsmanship as AST.

Check out the Mi-T-M products available online, or give us a call to order other items.

Sprayers and Compressors

Airless Sprayers

Similar to the Mi-T-M products, a selection of Titan airless sprayers are available for purchase in our online store. The full line is available by phone order.

There are a lot of options for airless sprayers out there and we are happy to guide you through the selection process if you have any questions.

Airless sprayers are an important part of many contractors’ tool belt. They have different uses for different contractors, but one common use is priming the walls before spraying texture.

Did you know that AST has an option for big rigs that attaches a piston pump directly to the side of a spray rig? Learn more in this video.

Full-Size Texture Machines

Lastly, AST sells full-size texture machines. You are probably familiar with these products.

Gas-powered texture machines are available in tank sizes from 150 gallon to 350 gallon with an array of available options to suit every contractor’s needs.

Some of the popular options include split tanks, the HD Pump, the High Capacity Fuel Tank and the Tandem Axles option. No matter how you configure your spray rig, it will definitely help you get the job done. Get a quote here.

AST sells the tools and equipment you need to get the job done, whether it be a texture sprayer, airless sprayer, compressor, or generator. Best of all, our staff is available to help answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 877-833-4342 or text us at 253-833-4342. You can even stop in if you’re in the area.



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